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PocketEMA™ for Dermatology

The PocketEMA app makes it even easier to access your agenda and patient information from the dermatology EHR system, EMA, when on the go.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi! I’m Dr. Jordan Miller, Modernizing Medicine’s Senior Medical Director of Dermatology. Today, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite things I can do with PocketEMA, the iPhone and Android app for the #1 dermatology EHR, EMA.

Using my fingerprint, I can log in to see my full day’s schedule and click to expand appointment details . I can also pull up a different day, or another provider’s schedule . This is particularly useful for my medical assistant and office manager.

To easily communicate with patients and staff, I can send and receive HIPAA-compliant Intramail messages. For instance, this patient needs a refill, but I’m out of the office, so my staff sent me a request to submit the prescription. I can open the patient’s chart right from the message, go to the Rx queue, select the prescription they queued for me, and click ePrescribe to send it to the pharmacy.

From here, I can also access the patient’s past medical history, chief complaint, review of systems, and more. If I need to call them to check in, I can just click on their phone number. Plus, I can see their pharmacies, as well as prior visit notes, and even open up full PDFs for details.

Another feature I love is communication notes. If I called Jane after hours, I can just type a communication note or dictate it using the Dragon Medical Speechkit right from my phone . “Spoke to the patient over the phone regarding their pathology results, period.” I click save and it’s already part of their chart, so I don’t have to remember to add it when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

Finally, if I’m in the exam room and don’t have my iPad handy, I can use PocketEMA to snap a photo of a lesion and save it to the chart. I can also reference prior photos for comparison.

Those are just a few of the ways PocketEMA helps me save time and stay connected when I’m at home or on the go. If you’d like to see more of EMA, visit and request a demo.