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ENT Software that Helps Enhance Patient Engagement

Dr. Veling Tsai of Caring ENT shares how Modernizing Medicine’s otolaryngology-specific software helps enhance patient engagement.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I think that patient engagement is very important. Patients come in obviously for you to figure out what’s wrong with them, but also for compassion and caring. So with Modernizing Medicine, I’m able to have the iPad in front of me and look at the patient and talk to them rather than sit in front of a terminal and type their responses as I’m talking to them. I think it’s fairly impersonal when you’re talking to a patient and the back of your head is facing them. A lot of my patients come in for hearing loss. So if I’m not looking at them and talking to them, they actually may not understand the questions that I’m asking or the things I’m telling them about. So being able to see a patient face to face while you’re charting is something that is priceless.