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Fast and Efficient Dermatology Documentation

With just a few taps, you can document skin exams and generate suggested notes and codes.

Here is a Full Transcript of the Video: 

With ModMed, the information and tools you need are just a few taps away.

Here's how to document a benign skin exam using the Body Atlas. As you can see, the medical assistant has already entered in a chief complaint, letting me know that the patient has a family history of melanoma and some itchy growths scattered along her bra line. The medical assistant has also entered in a full body skin exam. To start my documentation, I'll enter the virtual exam room and note that the patient's lesions of concern are some irritated seborrheic keratoses. I can provide counseling, letting her know that they are benign but can be treated if desired. The patient opts to treat the lesions with cryotherapy, because they are irritated, itchy and also rubbing on her clothing. On the body diagram, I can indicate where the lesions were treated.

After I’ve finished documenting, I can also see the billing information with suggested notes documenting the various findings.