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Woolfson Eye Institute Improves Practice Efficiency with All-in-One Ophthalmology Software Solution

Hear how one ophthalmology practice improves efficiency with all-in-one ophthalmology software. For more information, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi I’m Byron Cook. I’m a cornea specialist in Atlanta, Georgia, with Woolfson Eye Institute. What we were finding was that there were some issues with the EMR we were using. The program didn’t have a great integrated app for the phone, and it relied predominantly on compatibility with Web pages. Our system also was not paired with its own practice management software and instead we used kind of a legacy practice management software. And between the two of them, these systems were not talking very well to each other. A lot of data was lost, or inaccessible, or couldn’t be added or edited on the fly from either end.

We evaluated multiple different platforms. We really wanted something that was going to utilize all the modern advances that we use in our daily lives. And that, at this point, has kind of led us to our switch to Modernizing Medicine.

I think the name says a lot about the company, that the company is trying to utilize all the technology that’s available to produce the best EMR system and practice management software system that can be made. They’ve built a system that’s nimble and can utilize all sorts of technology that we find useful and make the most of it. So I think that’s been a great benefit and step up from where we were with our old EMR system.