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Patient-Focused Technology

Chief Technology Officer Greg Traquair shares how using ModMed enhances the patient journey.

Here is a full transcript of the video: 

 My name is Greg Traquair, Chief Technology Officer for Optima Dermatology. That focus that ModMed has on provider experience and patient experience really comes forward through your products. Your mission as an organization is really being about putting providers and patients at the center of what you do. And we sort of share that same obsession across our organization as well. 

We've definitely, I think, seen and experienced the benefit of that. Allowing, you know, the technology in some ways to become invisible and fluid with the visit so that our providers really are focused more on the patient that's in front of them. Same thing with a medical assistant, same thing with a medical receptionist. And really it's all about the patient. We don't want there to be anything in between any friction between them in serving that person. 

We talk a lot about the patient journey at Optima and we do think about that whole end-to-end lifecycle. How can we best use ModMed to do that? So, you know, whether it's the check-in process, you know, we're fortunate that we have some very busy clinics and we want to make that check-in process as seamless as possible. And so, you know, trying to leverage things like the 

Kiosk, like PDF manager, things that can make that check-in process fully digital. And we remove paper, we remove scanning the ID card, scanning, all of that. How do we harmonize that to make check-in really smooth and convenient, you know, for patients and staff? 

You need that continuity for staff as well. So staff are split across multiple systems, there's risk there that we're going to, potentially not deliver on that remarkable experience that we want. So I'd say, going back to heavy focus on patients and putting them at the center of everything that we do, and providers and team at the center of everything we do, having a single system that  they can use, is obviously a big advantage.