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EMA®, the Specialty EHR System

Some EHR systems claim to be built for practices of any specialty. Watch this video to see how EMA® can meet your specialty-specific needs. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Some EHRs claim to be built for practices of any specialty. But how can that be true when each specialty is so drastically different? Unlike other one-size doesn’t quite fit all EHR systems, our solution, EMA, is tailored to fit your workflow as a specialist for the fields of Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery.

Built for and by practicing physicians in various medical specialties, you’ll experience the built-in knowledge that can make all the difference. With its adaptive learning engine, our dermatology EHR system, will learn how you frequently describe certain diagnoses and like to treat patients.

For example, if you’re performing a biopsy by shave, EMA will know how you like to set up your biopsy tray. When using our ophthalmology EHR in the exam room, you can pinch and zoom on any diagram and the system will automatically suggest ICD-10 codes for you. EMA is so specific, it’s even built for ophthalmic subspecialties. For example, if you’re a retina specialist, easily review an OCT by touching and clicking on an image with our native iPad EHR.

For orthopedic surgeons, easily order and document x-ray interpretations within the exam using dictation, and sticky findings. As an otolaryngologist, you can quickly document a chief complaint such as hoarseness and indicate the area of concern using drawing tools. If you work in a plastic surgery practice, EMA adjusts to your unique style of practice and recognizes your preferences, such as suture or implant types.

Once you have the clinical flow in place with our specialty-focused EHR system, you can give your practice an added boost by combining the power of practice management technology with our professional business operations services. Known as ModMed® BOOST, we focus on addressing the operational and financial aspects of your practice while you focus on your patients.

Then, by using ModMed’s Analytics platform, you may gain valuable insights to help improve visibility into practice performance by visualizing and benchmarking data. Now, how about patient engagement? By harnessing the power of tools such as patient portal, kiosk, reminders and surveys, our solutions can save your staff valuable time.

By combining the power of our specialty-specific EHR system with our suite of solutions, you can reap the benefits of enhanced clinical, financial and operational visibility into your practice. Discover how by requesting a demo at or by calling 561.235.7505.