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Streamlining Operations with Practice Management from ModMed®

See how Practice Management software from ModMed® can help allergy, immunology and asthma practices reduce manual work and connect staff across the office.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Practice Management software from ModMed helps streamline administrative tasks for allergy, immunology and asthma practices. With a single login for EHR and PM software, your staff will be connected like never before.

To schedule an appointment, your staff can view multiple locations and schedules. They can also run near real-time eligibility and batch eligibility based on the patient’s insurance. Insurance status is included.

With multiple options to schedule an appointment, staff can also drag and drop appointments for rescheduling. The appointment finder tool renders availability based on the provider’s schedule.

After appointments have been scheduled, the appointment flow view displays alerts for any information that needs to be reviewed for your check in and check out staff. On the date of service, your staff can see every patient in sequential order, including appointment type, provider and financial responsibility.

Our PM system offers several check in options for patients. The Patient Portal is web based with an accompanying mobile app available for download 24 hours prior to an appointment. Once a patient begins checking in online, they can sign consent forms, as well as review and make modifications to their demographics and insurance. They can indicate their preferred pharmacy and pay their copay prior to arrival.

When a patient arrives, ModMed Kiosk provides an iPad app that offers the same check in capabilities as the Patient Portal. When a patient checks in via Portal or Kiosk, their information is absorbed directly into the chart.

For non-tech-savvy patients, your staff can perform a manual check in by changing the patient’s status to “Arrived”. The system displays the patient’s appointment information as well as a high level alert that follows the patient throughout platform. Additionally, staff may indicate required data fields so that check in cannot move forward until that data has been entered.

Moving on to financial responsibility, the system displays patient responsibility based on insurance eligibility. The patient’s outstanding balance pulls in from the billing department.

Staff can process multiple forms of payment in the platform. With ModMed Pay, our credit card processing system, credit card data is traceable in the system, except for the credit card number. Three different payment codes simplify the billing process.

Clinical staff are notified immediately once the patient checks in.

The PM system shares check in information with EMA, the EHR system, including all information collected at check in, any documents the patient presented, and their referring physician. Your clinical staff will have what they need to perform their exam without relying on paper.

After the exam is complete, your check out staff have access to the patient’s chart and the entire clinical note. Below is the patient financial responsibility, which pulls in data based on the clinical visit. The PM system suggests CPT codes and modifiers, as well as diagnosis pointers and global periods. Additionally, contracted payer fee schedules may be uploaded into the platform. These schedules are directly associated with the patient’s insurance.

Let’s talk about aftercare. If the patient wants to schedule a follow up, your staff can create a reminder. The system will send out a text, email and/or phone call letting the patient know it’s time to schedule. If the patient wants to schedule before leaving the office, the appointment finder is already pre-populated with data from the clinical note, such as the provider’s name and service location.

Any e- prescriptions include the pharmacy pick-up location for your check out staff. Any orders generate a requisition that is printable for the patient to take with them.

Future appointment confirmations update dynamically, so your staff can see them in near-real time. Confirmations and cancellations, as well as the number of appointment reminders sent, are all quickly and easily found. A convenient waitlist functionality helps your staff accommodate patients without manual tracking.

Moving along to the billing process, the financial dashboard can only be accessed by approved billing staff. Staff can set user permissions in the system so that data pertaining to staff roles will be visible at log in. When a provider finalizes a note, the action also generates a bill. Your staff can review and queue the bill as a claim. Industry- standard claims scrubbing rules are built into the system, and staff can also work by exception. Claims are pushed out every 3 hours.

For a high-level overview of practice performance, the system includes an analytics tool that pulls in data from the PM and EHR. Analytics displays data in three formats, including graphic dashboards, granular data-driven reports, and create-your-own custom reports. Clinical, operational and financial data is available for staff analysis. Staff can mine the practice’s database quickly and easily across functions.

Thanks for watching! Contact us at 561-235-7506 or visit to experience our Practice Management software for yourself.

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