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Challenge the Status Quo: Switching Ophthalmology EHR Systems

Tessa J. Kerby Associate Principal, Strategy and Business Advisory ECG Management Consultants Katie Komaridis Manager, ECG Management Consultants Jessica Santaniello Senior Solutions Consultant, ModMed


Dr. Eric Jennings
Medical Director of Ophthalmology, ModMed

Dr. Benjamin L. Heller
Ophthalmologist, Eye Doctors of Arizona

Dr. Matthew A. Heller
Ophthalmologist, Eye Doctors of Arizona

This webinar originally aired on October 31, 2023.

The idea of switching your ophthalmology software can feel daunting, but the risk can be worth the reward. How do you choose the right software for your practice, and what pitfalls should you avoid? This webinar will feature advice from the trenches — ophthalmologists who have accepted the challenge of searching for a new software system and how they determined which platform would best meet their long-term needs.

Learn tips for navigating the switch, embracing the transition and simplifying implementation. You’ll also hear firsthand why this panel of your peers chose ModMed®, which tools and tech have made the biggest impact on their workflows, and how their new software has helped increase efficiency at their practice.


  • Practical advice from ophthalmologists on how to make a successful software switch
  • Which software tools can make the biggest impact on your practice workflow
  • How patient collaboration tools can help increase engagement and save staff time
  • How to determine if an EHR or all-in-one system is right for your needs
  • How to set realistic expectations during implementation