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Streamlining Operations & Financials in This New Environment

Erin Shaw and Anna Hale

Hosted by:

Erin Shaw, Associate Product Manager at Modernizing Medicine® and Anna Hale, Product Manager at Modernizing Medicine

This session was recorded at the ASCENT Virtual Annual Meeting in October 2020

2020 is a year like no other, and ENT practices have had to rapidly adapt to keep up. How can your practice adjust to the challenges of this new healthcare environment? In this webinar, Modernizing Medicine®‘s hosts Anna Hale, Product Manager of Practice Management and Erin Shaw, Associate Product Manager of Patient Engagement, provide tips for streamlining operations and financials with a practice management system. They also share payment solutions and tools for contactless patient engagement.


  • How your ENT practice can continue to adapt to the new normal
  • Products that can help ENT practices streamline their operations and financial capabilities
  • Solutions and tools that can help enhance patient engagement