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8 Financial Tips to Help Streamline Collections for Your Ophthalmology Practice

Carrie Bolding & Laurie Brown

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Carrie Bolding & Laurie Brown

During this evolving pandemic, streamlining your financial operations has never been more important. From online bill collections to payment plans and more, having the right tools in place can really make a difference—for both your staff and your patients. Leveraging industry experience and implementing award-winning* solutions are just some of the many important topics that will be covered by our special guest speaker, Laurie Brown of BSM Consulting.

Other topics include:

  • Benefit Verification – make sure you have what you need from the start
  • The RCM process – streamlining operations
  • Maintaining social distancing by providing digital payment options
  • Staff support- training staff on new tools and solutions
  • Maintaining safety during COVID-19 for your practice and staff