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gGastro® 5.0-The Future of GI Software Is Here

Gayathri Narayan, General Manager of Otolaryngology and Dr. Priya Wagle, otolaryngology physician and coach

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Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology with Guest Speaker: Tasha Cieslak, Practice Manager, The Gastro Clinic

This webinar originally aired on July 23, 2021.

Is your gastroenterology EHR or ASC software helping you provide your best care to patients? Is it supporting your efforts to improve your productivity, efficiency and overall growth? Does it streamline workflows and help you find more time in your day for the things that matter?

Enter gGastro® 5.0: Whether you’re new to our all-in-one gGastro Suite or have experienced it in the past, you may want to check out version 5.0. It offers workflows specific to GI practices and surgery centers to help streamline your documentation, office operations and the patient experience—and it’s designed to be faster than ever.

In this recorded gastroenterology webinar, you’ll get to experience the latest version of our leading* GI-specific software suite, gGastro 5.0, and see how it’s making a difference at practices and surgery centers like yours. Don’t miss your chance to see gGastro 5.0 in action!

*2021 Black Book