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The GI Guide to a Successful Not-Quite-Post-Pandemic Return to Care

Dr. Julie Servoss and Dr. Jason Sugar

Hosted by:

Dr. Julie Servoss, Senior Medical Director of Gastroenterology and Dr. Jason Sugar, Lead Gastroenterologist

Gastroenterology has been the second-hardest hit specialty in terms of lost revenue and decreases in utilization of services*. Many gastroenterologists may be wondering: How can we get patients back to care without risking burnout?

Learn some helpful tips from our exclusive gastroenterology webinar hosted by Modernizing Medicine®’s Senior Medical Director of Gastroenterology, Dr. Julie Servoss, and Lead Gastroenterologist, Dr. Jason Sugar.


  • The importance of recalling patients who have missed or delayed routine care, and ways to help them get comfortable with coming back to your office
  • Some ways that patient engagement tools can be used to help facilitate a contactless or low-contact patient journey before, during and after appointments
  • Tools and techniques practices can use to communicate new office safety measures and help bring peace of mind to patients

*Healthcare Professionals and the Impact of COVID-19, A FAIR Health Brief, June 10, 2020