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All-in-One Solution to Help Support Your ENT Practice

Dr. David Lehman and Adrienne Paolini

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Dr. David Lehman, Senior Medical Director of Otolaryngology and Adrienne Paolini, Lead Solutions Engineer

The healthcare landscape is evolving quickly, presenting new challenges for ENT practices to overcome. But the good news is that from ENT-specific EHR systems to patient engagement and practice management tools, technology exists that may help your ENT practice keep up.

Join us and a panel of ENT professionals to learn about our all-in-one software solution that can help practices like yours operate smoother clinically and operationally.


  • An all-in-one solution that can help ENT practice throughout all stages of the patient journey, including contactless care via telehealth
  • Some benefits of practice management tools and services, including streamlined collections and revenue cycle management
  • Ways ENT-specific tools can be used to help address the overall health of your practice