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Think Big With All-in-One Software for GI Practices

Julie C. Servoss, MD, MPH

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Julie C. Servoss, MD, MPH

Is your GI software all-in-one, care-focused and scalable? In this new normal of healthcare, the flexibility to navigate change—including the ebb and flow of patient volumes—is going to be vital to practice success. The tools you use should be comprehensive, GI-specific and catered to your growth and financial needs. Is your practice prepared?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss gGastro’s big advantages for GI practices of all sizes. Join Dr. Julie Servoss and a guest panel of industry peers as they share their experiences on how an all-in-one GI-specific software solution can help improve the clinical, operational and financial aspects of your GI practice.


  • How an all-in-one software solution can help you do more with less, whether you are a sole proprietor or own a medium- to large-sized practice
  • Why cloud-based software can help you save on upfront costs
  • How technology like telehealth, patient portals and appointment reminders can help you transition to a virtual office environment
  • Why an EHR solution designed by GI doctors has multiple advantages
  • How to take control of revenue drivers in order to help improve profitability