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Addressing Financial Aspects of Your GI Practice in Uncertain Times

Catherine White, David Woskobnick and Lisa Smalley

Hosted by Catherine White, Financial Solutions Engineer; David Woskobnick, Executive Sales Director, modmed® gBOOST; Lisa Smalley, Product Manager, gEstimator™

During this time of uncertainty, it has become increasingly important for gastroenterologists to look for ways to address financial aspects of their practices. In this special gastroenterology webinar, you’ll learn about GI-specific tools and services that can help you take care of your GI practice.

You’ll learn about:

  • gEstimator, a tool for estimating patient costs that can help patient satisfaction and trust
  • gPM™, our gastroenterology practice management software that can help scrub claims
  • modmed gBOOST, a medical billing team dedicated to helping GI practices with their revenue cycles
  • The first-hand experience of one of your peers using our GI-specific tools
“gEstimator gives our practice and ASC the ability to provide our patients with an estimation of their expected out-of-pocket expenses for future procedures… (this) has helped our collections process and to decrease costs to mail patient statements.”

– Angela See, Administrative Assistant, Gastrointestinal Associates of Northeast Tennessee, PC

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