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#MeetModMed: Manager of Sales Development, Tiffany Ward




#MeetModMed Series

As an award-winning technology company, ModMed® is known primarily for its innovative medical specialty-specific solutions. But that’s only half the story. The people that work here are at the core of what we do — they shape everything from how our all-in-one solutions are developed, to how we interact with practices, and everything in-between.

#MeetModMed is a series dedicated to exploring the numerous healthcare technology careers our organization offers, all through the lens of our fantastic people.

In this #MeetModMed, we talk with our Manager of Sales Development, Tiffany Ward, about her rewarding career in medical software sales.


ModMed: What does a typical day look like at ModMed for you?

Tiffany Ward: ModMed has a hybrid work environment, so I get the best of both worlds — I work from home Mondays and Fridays, and I hop into the office Tuesday through Thursday. I like to be the first one at the office, so I typically arrive around 7:45 a.m., turn on some music, enjoy the first of my unlimited espresso and start running analytics to prepare for upcoming meetings. My meetings typically involve SDR (Sales Development Representative) leadership, my own team members and leadership teams for the ophthalmology, podiatry and OBGYN product groups. 

Since ModMed is growing rapidly, I’m heavily involved in interviewing potential new team members, as well as guiding the onboarding and coaching of new hires. Organizationally, I’m also part of the emerging leadership program (a.k.a. Wolf Pack), ModMed WiT (Women in Technology) group and a couple of other leadership-related projects.

ModMed: What has your career trajectory looked like thus far?

Tiffany Ward: I’ve been working in ophthalmology my entire career. My first job was as a vision technician and scribe for a small practice. I quickly worked my way up to become a team lead and marketing and physician liaison before moving across the state to become the director of operations for a retina group. 

After briefly leaving the field to gain sales experience, I was referred to an open position at ModMed that gave me the opportunity to combine my ophthalmology, technology and sales knowledge. It was literally like a dream — all the pieces fit, and now I’m committed to finding and giving others that same incredible experience. 

ModMed: What qualities made you want to work at ModMed in the first place, and what qualities keep you here? 

Tiffany Ward: For me, the three biggest benefits ModMed offers me are culture, opportunity and a local headquarters. Culture, specifically, is everything to me, and I read a ton of positive things about ModMed’s culture prior to joining the company. 

I knew I not only wanted to be part of a great culture but directly contribute and be physically involved in making it better. As an extrovert, I love collaborating face-to-face with people, so when the headquarters opened back up, I couldn’t wait to get back in and socialize on a more regular basis. Now, it’s a rare occasion when I turn down a ModMed happy hour!

ModMed: How would you describe your management style?

Tiffany Ward: I use a transformational leadership style, which essentially brings transparency to both strengths and weaknesses. A lot of people say they’re good at X, so they only want to focus on X—I think it’s important to explore the weaknesses, too, because if we’re able to work on it, over time, it will simply be something that used to be a weakness. 

Transparency and clear communication are huge, too. I need to understand what motivates my team so they can go out and reach their goals, and since everyone is motivated differently, sometimes all it takes is asking to find out how.  

ModMed: Which of ModMed’s core values best reflects your personality?

Tiffany Ward: Since my passion for ophthalmology is what brought me to ModMed in the first place, I would say “Align passion with purpose” best reflected my personality when I first joined. But as I became more senior in my role, I now identify much more with “Innovate boldly, then make things happen.” Making things more efficient and improving outcomes drives me every day, and I’m super happy when I can deliver that experience for the betterment of the organization.  

ModMed: What makes a great sales representative at ModMed?

Tiffany Ward: A lot of our role is inside-type sales, so we’re on the phone a lot. Having that extraversion, energy and ability to smile when you talk is super important. I’d also say the biggest word to sum up a ModMed SER is grit—being courageous, conscientious, resilient, passionate and genuine will get you far in this company. 

One thing I always stress to my team is making sure the conversations you have with audiences are as relevant as possible. For example, you wouldn’t talk with a practice manager about our EHR if they’re never working in the clinic; you’d bring up our practice management system instead. I encourage them to stay curious, create a safe space, let the other person talk the majority of the time, and a successful relationship will result.

ModMed: What are some common characteristics of your ModMed colleagues? What qualities should potential candidates possess if they’re interested in joining your team?

Tiffany Ward: My colleagues are self-motivated, driven, confident and overall kind-hearted and supportive people. We have this tradition where if we successfully set a meeting with a new lead, we ring an actual gong in our office (or a virtual one, when we’re remote). The sales team goes crazy for it, and the collective hype that comes with that individual success is one of the biggest motivators I’ve ever seen.


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