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Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey Improves the Patient Experience and Saves Hours per Day With ModMed® Orthopedics


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one orthopedic software
  • Streamline practice workflow
  • Save time for doctors and staff
  • Find a vendor that truly listens

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increased efficiency and streamlined workflows
  • Saved hours per day with orthopedic-specific features
  • Reduced patient no-show rates
  • Improved patient and staff experience

Learn how the practice saved time, streamlined processes and experienced true customer delight.

headshot of jennifer van beekum

“If you’re looking for an EHR and PM system that will save you time and streamline processes, ModMed® Orthopedics is the solution for you. We’ve been able to streamline operations across the organization and the doctors save minutes off of each patient visit per day.”



Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey, with three board-certified orthopedic surgeons, three physician assistants and their support staff, relied on their former EHR and practice management systems for a decade. During that time, the practice evolved, but its technology did not.

According to Jenn Van Beekum, director of operations at the practice, their previous software became very stagnant, tedious and onerous. When the practice decided it was time for a change, staff requested demos from a number of EHR vendors and ultimately chose ModMed® Orthopedics to include EMA®, the award winning* orthopedic EHR system, Practice Management (PM), the Analytics platform and Patient Engagement tools. Jenn explains the benefits the practice has experienced since implementing the all-in-one orthopedic software.

Modernizing Medicine ortho EHR system


In addition to an intuitive orthopedic software solution, what stood out about ModMed, compared to other companies we researched, was the people. Our sales manager made me feel very comfortable during the sales process because he genuinely listened and wanted to help our practice.

When it was time for implementation, we were assigned an account manager who was there every step of the way. We participated in virtual training followed by onsite training. The trainers were so knowledgeable, and the whole process was a positive experience.


Having EMA and PM has streamlined so many processes, saving us time across all aspects of the practice. Our doctors now finish their notes by the end of each business day, which was not the norm with our previous system. Also, our authorizations and signed reports are completed faster. We’ve saved at least minutes off of each patient visit per day.

When a patient checks in, we can quickly use OCR [optical character recognition] and scan his or her insurance card and driver’s license right into the computer, reducing manual typo errors. It’s important that we’re reciprocating and sharing patient information with referring providers, and ModMed allows us to do that easily. We enter the referring provider at check-in, which makes it easy for our doctors to close their clinical note and send it out.

Also, the Patient Reminders feature allows patients to receive automated text messages, phone calls and email alerts reminding them of upcoming appointments. We can see the confirmations in the PM system, right on the schedule. Our staff no longer has to spend hours calling and following up with patients, and our no-show rate has significantly decreased.

medical assistant reviewing medical records with a female patient from a tablet


In this day and age, healthcare is all about the patient experience, and we strive to make it an outstanding one for each patient. ModMed Orthopedics allows us to provide the quality of care our patients deserve while helping us remain efficient throughout our day.

Our patients now have more face-to-face time with our doctors, because the doctors aren’t continually searching for codes, writing out prescriptions or dealing with cumbersome technology and manual processes. Not only do we believe that the patients are more confident in their care due to our increased efficiency, but also our employees are happier because they have patient information at their fingertips.


With the ModMed team, it’s almost like a family environment. Team members take to heart the feedback and information we share because they genuinely seem to want to help make things better for our practice. We are so excited that we switched to ModMed and couldn’t be happier.

*2022 Black Book™

Note: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Jenn Van Beekum and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.