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Building a Note in EMA

Manage chief complaints, history and more without endlessly scrolling through your software.

Here Is a Full Transcript of the Video: 

What would it be like to work from one screen?

Here's how to build a note in EMA for cryotherapy for irritated keratosis. In this example, I'll demonstrate how you can easily document an ED&C visit from start to finish quickly and efficiently.

First of all, we'll enter in a chief complaint. You're going to click on follow up, find the original biopsy note, and type in the reason for today's visit, an ED&C. Next, we go to the virtual exam room. Using previous findings, you can identify the exact site of the previous biopsy. You'll select "body reference only" to find the exact biopsy site.

Next, you select today's impression, a nodular basal cell. You can select the plan and ED&C. Then, using your reference dot, you can place the ED&C at exactly the same site as the previous biopsy. You can enter your sizes for your ED&C, and that concludes your documentation.