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How EMA EHR Modernizes Your Allergy Practice | ModMed

Watch how this innovative EHR system speeds documentation with adaptive learning to reduce typing, scrolling, searching, staff time and patient bottlenecks.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

On the visit overview screen, you will be able to see the patient's past medical history, medications, allergies, social and family history in each encounter. We've given patients the ability to complete this information prior to their appointment. Through our patient engagement tools so that it will seamlessly be populated in their chart. This empowers patients to be involved in their health, helps take the burden off your staff by reducing paper usage and manual data entry during intake, helps to eliminate bottlenecks at check in and could reduce time spent in the waiting room. Additionally, you can easily review a historical summary for the patient giving you pertinent information regarding that patient's past treatment and history, which eliminates searching through previous encounters. This allows you to provide care tailored to your patients.

Provided with hundreds of chief complaints out of the box, EMA will assist with reducing time spent in the documentation process utilizing adaptive learning. Chief complaints will populate based on the most commonly seen issues for each provider. Your patients medical assistance or nurses can enter the HPI information utilizing our allergy specific chief complaints. If a more structured method is preferred, EMA will guide the user through responses specific to the chief complaint that was selected, resulting in a notation detailing the patient's concerns. Additionally, your clinicians will have the ability to free type or dictate if they choose.

Within the virtual exam room, you will see all of the robust allergy, asthma and immunology specific content. Exams will act as placeholders for your normal findings, so you can allow EMA to do the work for you anticipating your next step. The impressions list adapts to your most common diagnoses, reducing the need to search and populating what you need right at your fingertips. Utilizing the ICD-10 expert helps you choose the proper specificity needed for reimbursement purposes, reducing in claim denials. And diagnosis specific findings allow for efficient documentation, providing pertinent exam findings for each diagnosis, but also allows for customization.

As EMA consistently learns how you treat each diagnosis, you will be provided with the plans most utilized. Your preferences will grow over time, helping to reduce clicks in the EHR. This will make it quicker and easier to complete your note as you focus on your patient's care. This patient presents with inadequately controlled asthma. You can apply a custom protocol to document this new diagnosis. Protocols act as a virtual scribe and allow you to package together your commonly used diagnosis and treatment plans.

Once applied, protocols can be easily edited to include patient specific details. Not only are these protocols unique to you and can help reduce the time you spend documenting the encounter, you also have the option to share protocols with other providers in your office. EMA our allergy specific EHR system remembers your documentation throughout each encounter and populate suggested coding based on the 2021 CMS guidelines, as well as the required ICD-10  specificity, including modifiers.

Through the documentation, EMA will understand each of the three elements pertinent to the E&M guidelines. Being an all in one solution, these codes will push directly into the bills and claims through the financial aspect of the software. The goal here is to help create a balance between your technology and staff so that the patient continues to be the focus during the visit, which can help increase patient satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Under note outputs, you will be able to see all of the forms that are generated based on the visit. No documentation. A detailed summary of the visit, including the patient's past medical history, gives referring and primary care providers a comprehensive view of the patient's visit. EMA has intelligence for coding and compliance based on CMS guidelines built into the system. This forum details the suggested E&M codes so that you can carefully review.

Your patients will be able to reference their patient portal 24/7 and see the patient hand out of counseling, medications, allergy testing and other information pertaining to their visit. Imagine how much time and effort will be saved by having all of these outputs generated for you. We ordered allergy testing for this patient, and now it's time to review the results. Our interface with Xtract provides visibility to your patient's journey from testing to mixing and administration and justice. Documentation from Xtract appends to the patient's chart, diagnosis and CPT codes flow directly into our financials tab