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Elevating the Patient Experience

Physician Raman Mahabir explains how using ModMed allows him to spend quality time with his patients.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Some of the significant changes that we've seen by bringing ModMed into our practice are really that the physicians just get to spend more time with the patients. Previous EMRs, you spent a lot of time either during clinic or after clinic, or weekends even, catching up on charts.

Whereas now I see my patients, I spend time with my patients, and still by the end of the day, my charts are done and I go home and my work is done. For the staff, I think there's a huge benefit, too.

Even in the check-in, check out process. It's so much more automated and better for the patients that our staff are able to spend more time with the patients.

ModMed’s communication with patients is great. It gives you the ability to set the level of communication you want. You can have more of it or less of it, depending on how you run your practice. And patients really respond well to that. You can taper it to the generation. So younger patients want to get texts, you can text them.

Patients frequently comment on how great our patient experience is, and that never comes down to one thing. It's not just the physician or the MA or the coffee in the lobby. It's all of it. And all of it includes the EMR. Our patients use the portal, they love the portal, and it just makes it a seamless integration into our practice because it fits our brand.