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Urology Group of Southern California Benefits From the Time-Saving Functionality of ModMed® Urology


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement urology-specific software
  • Cut down on paper use and time spent charting
  • Open more practice locations

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Saved hours of time due to ease-of-use
  • Facilitated ability to expand to other locations
  • Improved visibility into appointment schedules
  • Enabled mobility and easy access to charts

Learn how one urology practice successfully switched to all-in-one urology software and saved hours of time while streamlining operations.

John Kowalczyk

“With our previous system, I spent 12-15 hours every weekend finishing charts. EMA saves me hours of time because it’s so easy to use and urology specific, so I’m no longer spending all of my free time finishing notes.” 

‒ John Kowalczyk, DO


The physicians at the Urology Group of Southern California provide comprehensive urology services at three office locations in the Los Angeles, Calif. area. The practice was using a cumbersome, general EHR system that their hospital incentivized them to use. As frustrations grew with this uncustomizable solution, the group began researching other options.

General Manager Jim Roth discusses why the group decided to implement the urology-specific software from ModMed to include the urology EHR system, EMA®, Practice Management software and Patient Engagement tools.


When we met with a ModMed sales manager to see how EMA worked, we handed the iPad over to one of our medical students to try it out and it was like fireworks. He had a note complete in less than five minutes without ever being trained on the urology EHR. This really impressed Dr. Kowalczyk because he was spending so much of his personal time finishing charts.

We transitioned to EMA and ModMed did an excellent job of supporting us during implementation by providing numerous, thorough training sessions. Practice Management wasn’t available at the time, but we signed up for it a few months later because we wanted an all-in-one solution.

EMA is our third EHR and the most user friendly we’ve experienced. Having a urology-specific system makes a big difference because we don’t have to spend a lot of time tailoring generic software to serve our needs.


When we started with ModMed, we were one location. Having a cloud-based system that supports mobility facilitated our ability to expand. For example, now we have a pop-up clinic inside of one of our HMO offices. Our physicians and staff bring an iPad from our main location and have full access to patient medical records. We don’t have to worry about transferring paper charts and potentially losing them.

Also, our physicians can conduct surgery from a hospital location and easily capture those procedural codes, then bill directly through Practice Management instead of transmitting them via paper.

Having an all-in-one system has facilitated communication among staff members along with the ability to keep our medical records up-to-date. Everything that comes in, such as lab results and imaging reports, gets placed in the patient’s chart, allowing the provider to access everything they need for the visit in EMA.

Jim Roth, General Manage

Jim Roth

General Manager

“EMA has allowed us to cut down on the time that our providers spend entering notes by orders of magnitude over other systems we’ve tried.” 



With our previous system, it almost took a programmer to work in the firm admin in order to set up calendars or make changes. One of the functions I’ve found most beneficial within the Practice Management system is the ability to place a calendar block and how easy it is to do so.

We don’t have the staff resources to spend the time calling patients to remind them of their appointments. The Patient Reminders functionally has been very helpful in identifying which appointments need to be rescheduled and which slots are now available, helping to maintain a full schedule. Patients Surveys also help us identify areas we need to improve on so we can better the patient experience.


ModMed has really concentrated on continuous improvement of the product. System updates are frequent, which oftentimes makes the software easier to use. We value good customer service and anytime we need help, we can easily reach someone at ModMed who can help us.

Disclaimer: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Urology Group of Southern California and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.