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Switching to EMA® for Plastic Surgery

Discover East Cooper Plastic Surgery’s experience transitioning to EMA, ModMed’s plastic surgery EHR.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

When we first went into having an electronic medical record, we chose one of those low cost options that you can find by Googling, which is not the best idea in the world. And so that lasted for about nine months before we realized that we needed to go to something that was a little bit more comprehensive, and actually spoke to our practice in the way that we do things here in plastic surgery, because the one we had was just a catch-all, do-anything and it just didn’t suit our needs.

So when you transitioned into the new system, it was really interesting because Modernizing Medicine was like, we’ll help you through it. So the training process as far as onboarding was wonderful. So especially setting up the back end, that was kind of my favorite part of it. Our trainer was Roberta, and I still remember her very fondly because she was a very, very good educator for this system.

There was nothing that we didn’t go through that needed to be in place to implement EMA on day one when we were ready to go live. So and then, of course, we had all the time set out with our providers all around their schedules, and everybody was ready to go on day one.

The support is fantastic. When I call in, I actually get a human every single time I call. I don’t leave messages, I don’t wait for callbacks. So we love the support. It couldn’t be better. And I appreciate that it’s responsive. And I appreciate that it’s somebody I can talk to, they understand what it is that I need from them and they give me what I need very, very, very quickly.