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Saving Time With An All-In-One Plastic Surgery Software

Find out how East Cooper Plastic Surgery saves time in clinic with an all-in-one plastic surgery software solution, EMA.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Modernizing Medicine is above and beyond when you’re running a plastic surgery practice because it is plastic surgery. There’s no other system that’s out there that compares. Time-saving is fantastic because there’s no paper charts, there’s no tracking something down. When something comes in on the fax, it automatically shows up in EMA. And even if it hadn’t been uploaded to the chart yet, we all know where to go and we all know where to find those things.

As far as what it displays for the providers in the rooms, that’s great, because there’s an entire patient clipboard that gives you a snapshot of exactly what’s going on with that patient without you having to read through note after note after note. Everything is contained in this one platform, so I don’t have to have a vendor out there that does patient reminders for me.

I don’t have to have a vendor out there that does text to pay, or I don’t have to contract with another clearinghouse. Everything is all within Modernizing Medicine. And the funniest thing is that when they find out that there is something that we need, then they go out and contract with that company so that we have what we need. So it’s kind of nice between the PM and EMA part of it where a new product comes on the market and it’s something we’re all doing. And next thing you know, you go into EMA and it’s already there.

On the PM side, just not having to go through different kinds of systems to get something as simple as claims out the door and then to get remittance back in. There’s not a bunch of navigation that needs to be done for you to get to things you need to do. Simple task.

So the patient reminders are fantastic. And the reason they are is because it saves, that’s my biggest staff savings. We used to have to pick up the phone and call everybody two days in advance. And now, I mean, they get text reminders, email reminders and they get calls as well. But it’s I almost have no no-show rate. I mean, it just takes it out of the equation.

So if you’re a high volume cosmetic practice, all that’s in this system, if you are a high volume reconstructive practice, it’s all in the system. It was like plug and play plastic surgery, EMR. It couldn’t have been any better.