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Why Plastic Surgeons Love EMA®

Find out why plastic surgeons at East Cooper Plastic Surgery love EMA, Modernizing Medicine’s plastic surgery EHR. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I talked to our PA’s and our physicians the other day, and I asked them specifically what kind of points what kind of things was it that they liked most about EMA. It it was the fact that it can go on every single platform that they travel around with. So it’s on the iPhone, it’s on their iPad, it’s on their laptops, it’s on their desktops.

On call is now the easiest thing in the world. You could be on the beach and you could get a call and you could be able to manage everything right there off of your iPhone without having to get up, go somewhere, find somebody’s chart. Just the ease and convenience of having it available on so many platforms is great.

They like the protocols. They like the fact that it’s there and that things are sticky. So once they’ve gone through that protocol one time, then they can say, OK, let’s save this because I’m going to be using it on the next 50 people. So that’s easy and convenient.

They like that they can upload their photos, and now their patients can upload photos to attachments through intramail. And we will see patients from all over the country. So that’s very, very helpful. And we’re looking at wounds and we’re looking at people that are having post- surgical problems. And so and of course, the last thing which makes perfect sense is telehealth, because seeing all these patients all over the country is fantastic.

I mean, we’re able to do things we were just never able to do before and we have all intentions to keep doing it, because it just makes our workload easier. It’s easier and convenient for patients.