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Addressing Implicit Bias in Healthcare

Tacoma Perry, Dr. Julie C. Servoss and Dr. Michael Rivers

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Tacoma Perry, Software Educator, Modernizing Medicine® with Dr. Julie C. Servoss, Medical Director of Gastroenterology at Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology and Dr. Michael Rivers, Director of Ophthalmology at Modernizing Medicine presenting

This webinar originally aired on May 5, 2021.

Think you’re immune to implicit biases in healthcare? Did you know that in the U.S. healthcare system, disparities in patient care can lead to inequities in treatment and outcomes? This important and insightful webinar addresses what factors impact the way we assess disease risk, make diagnoses, plan treatments and gauge outcomes. We will also discuss how we can recognize these biases as a means for eliminating disparities in our own communities and practices.


  • The social and structural determinants that cause healthcare disparities
  • How we can recognize these differences
  • What we can do to eliminate disparities to improve patient care and outcomes in our practices and communities