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Building Your New-Patient Funnel: How to Attract and Manage Patients

Webinar presenters Ryan Lehrl, Enrique Porras and Connie Park


Ryan Lehrl
Vice President, Client Acquisition & Services
Red Spot Interactive

Enrique Porras
Director, Vertical Marketing, ModMed

Connie Park
Sales Trainer, ModMed

This webinar was recorded September 15, 2022.

If your practice depends on attracting new patients while engaging an existing population, this webinar is for you. We cover the patient journey from initial marketing outreach through long-term retention, focusing on effective customer relationship management and concluding with a peek at our new ModMed® AMP solution, which is designed to help practices advertise, market and promote.


  • Insights on how patients select practices
  • Ways to help your online presence stand out
  • Using available data to improve relationships
  • Strategies for post-visit marketing
  • Value of customer relationship management