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Rediscover the Joy of Being an OBGYN: Is Your EHR Working as Hard as You?

Webinar presenters - Dr Michael Sherling, Dr Hung Ecklund, Dr Nigel Spier, Erin Shaw


Michael Sherling, MD, MBA
Chief Medical and Strategy Officer, ModMed

Hung Ecklund, MD
Medical Director, ModMed OBGYN

Nigel Spier, MD
Team Lead, ModMed OBGYN

Erin Shaw
Associate Product Manager of Patient Engagement, ModMed

This recorded webinar originally aired on September 21, 2022.

It’s about time you remembered the reason you became an OBGYN.

OBGYNs care for patients as if they were extensions of their own families, but the stress of slow software and obsolete technology can be a source of frustration. Join us for an introductory dive into EMA®, ModMed®’s OBGYN-specific EHR designed to adapt to the way you work, helping to reduce tedium and streamline workflows. When you spend less time on documentation and paperwork, you have more time to rediscover the joy of engaging with your patients and providing the care they deserve.


  • An introduction to ModMed OBGYN and EMA
  • Challenges of OBGYN in the market today
  • What makes EMA a differentiator in the OBGYN market
  • Examples of EMA features that impact OBGYN EHR users