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Eight Financial Steps That Can Help Support Orthopedic Practices

Carrie Bolding and Karen Zupko

Hosted by

Carrie Bolding with special guest Karen Zupko, President of KarenZupko and Associates

Healthcare has changed, and so has the economic situation of orthopedic practices and patients alike. While your practice may be facing new challenges, it’s important to find ways to utilize modern technology to help take care of your practice. It may also be helpful to openly communicate with your patients about their payment options.

Hosted by Karen Zupko, president of healthcare consulting and education firm KarenZupko and Associates, this special webinar will walk you through eight steps that can help support your orthopedic practice during uncertain times.


  • The importance of benefit verification with Practice Management tools prior to appointments
  • Smart ways to use technology to offer a wide range of payment options, such as with our payment processing platform, ModMed® Pay
  • Advice for offering payment plans, means-based discounts and charity care
  • How to use financial analytics to monitor and measure success