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The Healthcare Landscape is Changing (Again!)…Are You Ready?

Dr. John Guiliana and Rem Jackson


Dr. John Guiliana, Medical Director of ModMed Podiatry

Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices, LLC

This webinar originally aired on August 16, 2022.

Changing regulations and societal and economic shifts may have an impact on your marketing efforts. Explore how a comprehensive marketing plan and ModMed® AMP’s solutions can help you adapt to these changes and market your practice during challenging times.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how ModMed’s AMP solution can help you adapt.


  • The concept of “elasticity of demand” and how it can be important in marketing your practice during evolving times
  • How the “pillars” of a comprehensive marketing plan will help support your practice’s patient volume and its growth
  • How ModMed AMP (Advertise. Market. Promote.) can help