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East Cooper Plastic Surgery Saves Time and Improves Operations With ModMed® Plastic Surgery


Case Study

The Goals

  • Implement all-in-one plastic surgery software
  • Streamline workflow with one comprehensive solution
  • Improve business operations

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Saved time with with an intuitive plastic surgery EHR​
  • Automated processes and decreased workload
  • Reduced no-show rate with Patient Reminders
  • Enhanced patient care with patient engagement tools

Learn how East Cooper Plastic Surgery benefited from implementing an all-in-one plastic surgery software


“Modernizing Medicine has been a great company to work with and they anticipate our needs as a plastic surgery practice before we even have them. Everything we need is available to us within the plastic surgery software and we don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.”



The physicians and staff at East Cooper Plastic Surgery, located in Mount Pleasant, S.C., have provided microsurgical breast reconstruction, breast enhancement, facial rejuvenation, body contouring and non-invasive aesthetic procedures to their patients for over 20 years.

After a short nine months of using a generic EHR system that was not intuitive, the practice quickly realized that they needed a more comprehensive plastic surgery-specific EHR system. After researching numerous solutions, the group chose Modernizing Medicine®’s plastic surgery software suite to include EMA®, the award-winning* plastic surgery EHR system, Practice Management (PM) system and modmed® Pay payments platform. Practice Manager Gail Lanter shares the benefits of having an all-in-one plastic surgery software solution.


When we decided upon EMA, we looked at five different systems and went through our checklist of needs with each. In doing so, we realized that Modernizing Medicine had every solution we were looking for, all in one package. It wasn’t bits and pieces put together from different vendors, but rather one comprehensive solution that was tailored to plastic surgery.

The implementation process was well thought out, detailed and seamless, and the continued support we receive from Modernizing Medicine is fantastic. When I need to call support, even for the simplest things that I just don’t recall how to do, I actually speak to a human every time. Our physicians also appreciate the responsiveness because sometimes they need to call support from home and can quickly get answers.

There is also an online central support area called modmed® Communities where product documents and how-to videos are stored, and we can interact and ask questions to our peers on this platform.


Everything we need is available to us within the plastic surgery software and we don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. When we receive a fax, it automatically shows up in EMA. If we’re viewing a bill in the PM system, we can seamlessly go into the patient chart to review the note. The integrated payment processing platform, modmed Pay, offers text-to-pay, which helps decrease our workload in mailing statements and speeds up payment turnaround times.

Additionally, our no-show rate is almost non-existent with the help of Patient Reminders and our staff saves hours of time making phone calls. The time-saving benefits are fantastic because we’re not chasing down paper charts or logging into multiple systems to complete something as simple as getting claims out the door.


There are many features the plastic surgery EHR system offers that help save our providers time while enhancing patient care. The convenience of the cloud-based platform enables them to access EMA from virtually anywhere using their iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop. The patient clipboard feature provides a snapshot of what’s going on with the patient without needing to read through pages of notes. Also, our providers have predefined protocols in place, so they can quickly document a visit with just a few taps.

Another important solution we began leveraging during the pandemic is modmed Telehealth. The real-time audio and video capabilities make seeing patients easy, and it’s convenient for patients. We serve patients from all over the country, so having the ability to schedule a Telehealth visit has been fantastic.


Modernizing Medicine has been a great company to work with and they anticipate our needs as a plastic surgery practice before we even have them. When the new E/M coding changes went into effect, it was a seamless transition because EMA’s suggested coding capabilities reflected the new guidelines and Modernizing Medicine informed us on what to expect.

Thinking back to the onset of the pandemic, we needed to shift our mindset and figure out how we were going to keep our practice going in the middle of a shutdown. Modernizing Medicine provided educational, thought-leadership webinars to inform us on how to use Telehealth, to learn what to expect in the months to come, and how to navigate through such a difficult time. During those sessions, we were also able to hear from our peers about new workflows they implemented, which was helpful. It was outside of the responsibility of a software vendor and we really appreciate that. Modernizing Medicine goes above and beyond to help their clients succeed.

*2021 Black Book™

Disclaimer: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Gail Lanter and not those of Modernizing Medicine. Modernizing Medicine makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.