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The EHR Built for Your Gastroenterology Practice

large-GMD-2833-0121-Blog- (Value_Price) The EHR Built for Your Gastroenterology Practice



Why You Should Only Pay for the EHR Features You Need

No one likes to pay for things they don’t need.

For example, you wouldn’t pay for added towing capacity on your car if you never plan to tow anything. After all, it’s not like towing is “something that might come up” during your daily commute. So, why would you pay for an EHR that adapts to a variety of specialties when you are running a gastroenterology practice?

According to a Technology Advice article EHR-EMR Software Buyer’s Guide:

“Specialists often simply need less functionality so they can do more, faster. If an EHR system has charting templates for that specialty, the physician will spend less time sorting through unnecessary functions and more time with the patient.”

Modernizing MedicineGastroenterology’s gGastrosuite is built to support the needs of your practice now and into the future–and you only pay for the features you need.


Raise Your Standards, Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Get the EHR system that is designed to support efficiency in your daily workflow, reduce redundant tasks and promote productivity as well as help you enhance the patient experience from door to door.

  • gGastro solutions are priced to match your clinician mix
  • gGastro includes clearinghouse fees
  • gGastro’s support team is U.S.-based and award-winning*
  • gGastro is designed to grow with your practice–the tools you need now to grow with options for fully-integrated add-ons to support scale
  • gGastro supports industry changes, like setting up a virtual practice or E/M coding updates
  • gGastro offers access to a community of your peers and the development to promote collaboration and continuous product development

“Our clinic and surgery center have been in business for over 28 years and Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology has been a scalable solution that has allowed our practice to grow leaps and bounds. In comparison to other vendors, gGastro is tailored to our gastroenterology needs.”


Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology supports practices of all sizes with healthcare technology solutions that support their goals. Talk to a gGastro Business Professional about your practice goals to discover the next best step to achieving them.

*2020 Black BookTM