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Western Montana Foot and Ankle Switches Software and Quickly Experiences Benefits with ModMed® Podiatry


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one podiatry software
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Streamline billing processes

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Cut documentation time in half
  • Reduced no-show rate by 50%
  • Decreased rejection and denial rates
  • Increased patient volume

Learn how one podiatry practice successfully switched to an all-in-one podiatry software system and experienced greater efficiency within the first month.


“Documentation time has been cut in half. It’s been pretty amazing to know that our charting takes less time, so we can spend more time with our patients. I’m not taking 30 charts home to complete at night after my kids go to bed like I was with my previous EHR.”



Western Montana Foot and Ankle provides full-service podiatric care for patients of all ages. The practice used an antiquated and inefficient software system that negatively impacted billing and lacked reporting capabilities, so they decided to switch to the ModMed® Podiatry suite.

The all-in-one podiatry software includes EMA®, the award-winning* podiatry EHR system, integrated Practice Management (PM) and Patient Engagement tools. Michael Reed, DPM, partner and podiatrist at the practice, discusses his experience and how the practice quickly began realizing the benefits of ModMed Podiatry.

podiatry EHR system


My partner and I wanted to have the ability to run multiple reports and access data points to better understand the business side of our practice and how it was performing. Our previous system was holding us back, so we decided to look at other options.

We liked that ModMed is a growing and energetic company. As the podiatry platform continues to evolve, we value that we will have the opportunity to provide input. The experience with the ModMed team was positive from the start. From the initial contact with our sales manager who was always available, to our project manager who scheduled weekly meetings to make sure we were on track for our go-live day, to our lead trainer who was very experienced and knowledgeable. ModMed was always on top of it.

The implementation plan was laid out beautifully, helping us to understand clearly what the next step was, so we felt prepared for go-live. Our trainers recommended that we initially lower patient volume, but I felt like we could have seen a full patient load given how prepared we were. We were back up to full patient volume in just three days without any issue.


One month into using the podiatry software, we were already finding the all-in-one solution much more user friendly than our previous system. I really like the comprehensive plans to choose from and setting up Protocols is easy, which in turn speeds up documentation. I can easily find a diagnosis and impression and link it to the plan.

Documentation time has been cut in half. It’s been pretty amazing to know that our charting takes less time, so we can spend more time with our patients. I’m not taking 30 charts home to complete at night after my kids go to bed like I was with my previous EHR.


Since implementing ModMed’s PM system, our biller is much happier with the financial/billing functionality and the ability to customize the financial reports is a huge help. She does not have to switch between multiple screens and billing time has decreased. Claims are 4 to 5 days faster, and we have less rejections and denials. ModMed Pay also makes it very simple for patients to pay balances much faster and payments are automatically linked to the PM system.

Patient Reminders have also provided great benefit. Previously our MAs and front office called patients to confirm appointments. Now, the automated texts and emails save time and have helped decrease our no show rate by 50%. Patients have also commented that it’s convenient and user friendly.


We were just so frustrated with our previous system, yet we kept with it because change can be hard. When we finally decided to switch to ModMed, because we knew we needed to do something, we quickly noticed the biggest improvements in documentation time and billing. We reaped the benefits within the first month and have increased the amount of patients we see in a day. We are happy we made the decision to switch to ModMod Podiatry.

*2022 Black Book™
Disclaimer: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Dr. Michael Reed and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.