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Dermatologic Surgery Center Experiences Quicker Payment Turnaround Times and Saves Hours Daily With ModMed® Dermatology



Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one dermatology software
  • Streamline practice workflow
  • Establish better work-life balance
  • Expand locations

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Saved time with customizable software
  • Accelerated payment turnaround times
  • Decreased patient no-show rates
  • Tracked meaningful practice analytics

Read how one dermatology practice successfully switched to all-in-one dermatology software and saved time, streamlined operations and decreased payment times by two weeks 


“Since implementing ModMed® Dermatology, we’ve experienced time savings across the board. The doctors save time in charting, which in turn has helped them find a better work-life balance. Also, billing goes out faster and payments come in quicker. We’ve seen a solid two-week decrease in payment turnaround times.”



Dermatologic Surgery Center of Northeast Ohio provides Mohs micrographic surgery, general dermatology and cosmetic services. Jennifer L. Popovsky, MD, FACMS, knew she wanted to put the inefficiency of paper records behind her and stop taking home a stack of charts to complete every night.

Dr. Popovsky knew it was time for a better solution. She requested demos of EHR systems from multiple vendors. What ultimately led her to choose ModMed was the fact that EMA®, the award-winning* dermatology EHR system, was designed by dermatologists for dermatologists.

Mohs surgeons work in stages. Dermatologic Surgery Center of Northeast Ohio did the same by first adopting EMA in 2012, then adding Practice Management (PM), the Analytics platform, the Pathology solution, the ModMed Pay payment processing platform, and Patient Engagement tools.

Practice Administrator Dawn Ricker explains why selecting ModMed Dermatology yields multiple benefits, including greater time savings, more convenient patient payment options and quicker payment turnaround times.


Modernizing Medicine ophthalmology EHR system


Since implementing the all-in-one dermatology software, we’ve experienced time savings across the board. The doctors save time in charting, which in turn has helped them find a better work-life balance. The burden of stacks of charts to complete at night has been lifted, and they can enjoy their family time.

We love the PM system and ModMed Pay because all of the information we need is right there. We can easily see the patient’s current insurance eligibility and payment responsibility. This feature makes it easy to collect payments while patients are in the office, saving us time tracking down collections.

Also, instead of our staff calling, emailing and texting patients for appointment reminders, the Patient Reminder functionality automates this process. As a result, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in our no-show rate, along with saving hours of time. Patients also reported it was easier to use the Patient Portal to check appointments and request medication refills. This boosted practice efficiency, too — we spend less time on calls for these routine requests.  


The ModMed Pay software has been a game changer for us. Billing is going out faster and we’re collecting payments, whether it’s a co-pay, a deductible or coinsurance, much quicker. 

Almost immediately, patients started making payments virtually. They like the convenience of getting a text link to make payments on their account, for example. We’ve experienced a solid two-week decrease in payment time after we send out billing since we’ve started using ModMed Pay.


We love that with the Analytics platform, there is nothing that we put into EMA that we can’t get back out in some meaningful way. We often pull reports for productivity, collections, different types of diagnoses and appointments. 

We recently created a report that proved very useful in deciding to open a second office. By utilizing the structured data that we collected within the dermatology software, the report helped us to predict future patient volume and likely diagnoses between the two locations. This helped us efficiently schedule our doctors between the two locations.


We’ve had a great experience with ModMed over the years, starting with the sales process. We never felt like we were being sold, and the team genuinely wants to help. 

It’s about time we had a better work-life balance, and we have that now with the help of ModMed Dermatology.

*2022 Black Book

The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Dawn Ricker and not those of ModMed, which makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.