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Learn how Ortho Florida, LLC, Facilitates Growth and Improves Business Outcomes by Using the Orthopedic EHR System, EMA®

Quote from CEO of Ortho FL on orthopedic EHR



Client insights on how Modernizing Medicine®’s orthopedic software benefits their practices


The Key Benefits Experienced Using Modernizing Medicine’s Orthopedic Software Include:

  • Achieved MIPS success with ease
  • Increased documentation detail and efficiency with automatic notes
  • Saved time by streamlining processes
  • Prepared for changing healthcare regulations

A Successful Orthopedic Software Solution for a Growing Group

In 2008, Ortho Florida was formed as a collaboration of orthopedic practices that decided they could benefit from group volume discounts on certain services. The group structured its relationships with vendors, including Modernizing Medicine®, to facilitate growth, and practices could join a larger structure yet maintain their individuality and independence. This framework proved to be successful and Ortho Florida now counts over 100 providers in 42 locations throughout Florida.

CEO of Ortho Florida, Dane Trask, Shares His Perspective on Selecting Modernizing Medicine’s Orthopedic EHR

Dane Trask CEO of Ortho FLAfter Ortho Florida was formed, other physicians in the area asked to join once they witnessed its continued growth and success. Given the increasing momentum, we knew we needed to work with vendors that would help align us with success and improve business outcomes. One vendor was Modernizing Medicine and its orthopedic electronic health record (EHR) system, EMA®. The system fits our business model because it intuitively consolidates information needed at the enterprise level, and the providers find it easy to use. Orthopedic EHR systems tend to be viewed as an obstacle, yet they are a requirement for today’s growing healthcare regulations.

Today, more than half of our providers use EMA, and it has continued to prove itself to be the superior orthopedic EHR solution.

While we don’t require our providers to implement EMA, we strongly suggest it to all of them due to the benefits they could experience. We see a measurable difference in the performance and efficiencies of those practices who use EMA as compared to those using other products.

3d knees joint diagram in EMA's interactive anatomical atlas for orthopedics
drawing on 3d hand diagram in EMA on iPad
The same group of physicians who formed Ortho Florida also created Innovative Healthcare Business Solutions (IHBS), the practice management company for Ortho Florida’s practices. IHBS was developed to provide practice management services to a host of physicians for economy of scale.

Skyler Fierro’s, CEO of IHBS, Perspective on Choosing EMA Over Other Orthopedic EHRs

Skyler Fierro CEOOne of our billing clients who is an orthopedic surgeon and Ortho Florida member introduced us to Modernizing Medicine. He demonstrated EMA during its early stages, and we followed the progress of the product as it became a market leader. I have experienced 15 different EHR systems, so I understand how they interact and perform in the orthopedic field. Not only does EMA work well for orthopedics, but it’s also apparent to me that Modernizing Medicine is forward thinking and prepared for changing regulations.

Practicing orthopedic surgeons designed EMA, and the orthopedic software intuitively adapts to the way our providers practice and remembers their individual preferences.

Other orthopedic EHR systems are cumbersome, require a lot of clicks and clone notes, which may increase the risk of leaving out important information while documenting. EMA is so intuitive and easy to navigate. The flow of documenting a visit is laid out in a way that our orthopedic surgeons understand.


Orthopedic EHR Insights from Michelle Myers, a Registered Nurse and Office Manager at Regenerative Medicine

Orthopedic surgeons built EMA, and it’s evident in how the notes are structured and how the virtual exam flows. We can search by diagnosis code and it automatically suggests the ICD-10 code. The team at Modernizing Medicine is also very responsive and open to suggestions. We opened up a case requesting a particular workflow, and they created that treatment plan shortly after.


A Well-Prepared Orthopedic MIPS Solution

For some, MIPS can be burdensome, but the providers at Ortho Florida who used EMA submitted with ease. EMA’s built-in MIPS solution collects MIPS data during the flow of an exam and measures the provider’s performance.

Dane’s Perspective on MIPS

It’s a huge benefit to us that Modernizing Medicine is prepared for MIPS and that its orthopedic EHR has a built-in solution. Given the size of our group, we are in a situation where if one of our providers isn’t successful, then no one is. We have to make sure that they not only attest, but also perform well, and EMA has helped us achieve that easily.

Skyler’s Thoughts on MIPS

The MIPS dashboard in EMA is phenomenal. The ease of submitting is beyond anything I’ve seen from other vendors. EMA is the only EHR system we experienced that is prepared and didn’t require a lot more work or time. We can simply submit the data directly through EMA instead of having to export it and upload into a registry to submit.

I look for vendors that we can develop a strategic relationship with, and Modernizing Medicine is really great in that respect. They’ve been very responsive throughout the entire process and continue to be a company we trust and plan to grow with.

Michelle’s Insights on MIPS

MIPS was a breeze, and Modernizing Medicine provided helpful tutorials and webinars. It was also extremely easy to set up Protocols for my staff, which made documenting quick and painless. Our provider achieved an estimated score of over 80 because EMA helped to facilitate that effort.


Lisa Saunders, Practice Administrator, Speaks to the Time Savings and Efficiency Achieved with Their Orthopedic Software

Our practice, Jupiter Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, documented on paper prior to EMA, and we absolutely save time now that we implemented the system. For outside studies, patients bring in a disc and staff upload images right into the patient’s chart in EMA, where they’ll remain as part of the orthopedic medical record for future comparison. Not having to look in multiple places for an image is much more efficient; everything is in one record, which saves time.

front desk staff handing patient an ipad in doctor's officemodmed® Kiosk, which allows patients to enter their intake information on an iPad versus paper forms. This feature streamlines the check-in process, saving a few minutes per patient, which enables us to see more patients than with paper. Also, we have reduced errors with modmed Kiosk because we no longer have to decipher poor handwriting.


Ortho Florida™

Ortho Florida is owned solely and equitably by its member physicians. Each solo or group practice whose physicians join Ortho Florida becomes its own care center under the “umbrella” of Ortho Florida.

The design of Ortho Florida allows each care center to retain as much individuality and independence as possible while satisfying both the federal and state definitions of a group practice. In the eyes of the public, each care center can maintain the same identity they had as solo or group physician practices prior to joining Ortho Florida. The physicians at each care center can maintain the same employees, practice patterns, call coverage and income distribution formulas, as long as the policies are compliant. Furthermore, the Ortho Florida practice model gives physicians the potential for more flexibility and mobility in regards to their practice setting. To learn more about Ortho Florida, visit the company’s website.