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Tips for Starting a New Medical Practice

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Plan the financing, location, staffing, tech, marketing and credentials for your new practice

Perhaps you’ve been working for hospitals or established medical practices, but now you’re itching to be the boss and build your own specialty practice. You’re not intimidated by the challenge of running a business — you’re exhilarated by it — and you think you have what it takes. 

When you’re ready to take the plunge, draft a summary business plan. Like any good story, it starts by answering the five W’s — and how: 

Who is your target market, and whom will you need on your team? 

What products and services will you offer, and what will be your special niche? 

When will you begin implementation, open the practice, and evaluate your key performance indicators of success? 

Where will you practice, and what’s the competitive landscape there? 

Why are you doing this? 

How may be the most important question to answer. How will you differentiate your practice from so many others? How will you market, create an identifiable brand, and build a solid patient list. How will you control costs and finance it all? Read on. 

In This Blog Series

Five blog posts examine major areas you’ll need to master. 

Financing a New Medical Practice 

Locating a New Medical Practice 

Staffing and Tools for Your Practice 

Credentials for a New Medical Practice

Marketing a New Medical Practice 



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