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#MeetModMed: Bonnie Malone, Vice President of Customer Success

#MeetModMed Bonnie Malone

#MeetModMed Series

As an award-winning technology company, ModMed® is known primarily for its innovative medical specialty-specific solutions. But that’s only half the story. The people that work here are at the core of what we do — they shape everything from how our all-in-one solutions are developed, to how we interact with practices, and everything in-between.

#MeetModMed is a series dedicated to exploring the numerous healthcare technology careers our organization offers, all through the lens of our fantastic people.

In this #MeetModMed, we talk with our vice president of customer success, Bonnie Malone, about her rewarding career in customer success.

ModMed: What does a typical day look like for you at ModMed?

Bonnie Malone: Seldom are two days alike! Generally, my day starts with email, reviewing performance analytics and participating in internal and external meetings.

As vice president of customer success, I lead the service team that takes care of customers after the implementation of our electronic health records (EHR) software.

My priority is always advocating for our customers. A typical day includes listening to new or changing needs and voicing them internally to help keep our ModMed focus on the topics that matter most to our clients.

ModMed: You started working at ModMed in August 2020 — during the pandemic! Describe the changes you’ve either applied or noticed since then.

Bonnie Malone: The last two years have been a period of high growth for ModMed; our employees have doubled since I joined.

Because we have expanded so quickly, having a shared understanding of our work has been — and continues to be — really critical. For my team, that means having a framework to proactively identify and provide for customer needs before a situation becomes reactive.

For me personally, there has been no shortage of things to learn over this period! My background is in digital marketing, retail merchandising and customer success. Healthcare has been a whole new world for me.

I’m grateful for the competent, intelligent people on my team and our wonderful customers who share new insights with me daily. Truly understanding our medical practices helps to make me a better advocate for our customers.

ModMed: How long have you worked in customer success? Share a few insights on how your strategies have changed over time.

Bonnie Malone: I’ve been in customer success for about 10 years. During that time, the industry standard of account management shifted from a sales expansion definition into a more methodical, service and retention-oriented approach. This change has put the customer in the center. It’s been a fascinating evolution to witness.

ModMed: You remain focused on developing highly effective teams that deliver industry-standard-setting customer service excellence. Talk about your leadership philosophy of “Advocacy > Authority” and what it looks like in practice.

Bonnie Malone: I fully embrace the role of advocate. From a leadership perspective, identifying, leveraging and cultivating each team member’s strengths helps achieve the best, well-rounded output. I trust my team to do their diligence and bring data-driven, good-sense recommendations. I advocate for their ownership, their brainpower and their development.

An authoritarian says, “Because I say so,” which, to me, isn’t motivating. Instead, I ask, “What do you think? And why?” to guide my team toward formulating the next steps.

Execute. Then, learn from what went well and what didn’t.

When I joined ModMed, one of the first orders of business was to redefine the customer-success management role. Our customer success team has nearly quadrupled in size since my arrival, and I have had the pleasure of promoting some of those new hires into leadership roles within my team. It’s fantastic to have been a part of that process from day one and see them develop.

ModMed: What qualities made you want to work at ModMed in the first place?

Bonnie Malone: The company culture was very important to me. Meeting such diverse leaders in the hiring process and leaving each meeting thinking, “I’d genuinely like to spend time with this person,” was a unique and valuable impression.

ModMed: Talk about the unique individuals who have made your ModMed experience special.

Bonnie Malone: I was lucky to work directly with Diane Dagher, our associate vice president of talent, through the hiring process. She was my first impression of ModMed, and she quickly became a trusted advisor.

Brian Sas, our vice president of professional services, and I joined ModMed at the same time and have been sounding boards, allies and friends to each other ever since. His focus is on the implementation experience of ModMed EHR software, so our teams collaborate closely. That strong alignment starts with us and our strategic vision and tactical strength.

Krisanne Fieldhouse, our vice president of product management, is a long-time leader and subject matter expert at ModMed. From providing background and context to helping me navigate internal processes to joining me for complex customer conversations, she is a strong partner I am grateful to have in my corner.

ModMed: Are you a member of any ModMed affinity groups? Talk about your experience within them.

Bonnie Malone: I’ve been actively participating in our mmWIT – Modernizing Medicine Women in Innovation and Technology group as a mentor. As a woman in technology, I firmly believe we should lift each other up.

The group has introduced me to incredible women outside of my team. It has allowed me to learn about their experiences and aspirations and help provide career growth guidance.

ModMed: What are some common characteristics of your ModMed colleagues?

Bonnie Malone: A lot of what we hire for is culture fit. Everyone in the company is driven, innovative and genuine and wants to show up and do good work. We also all like to have fun around here!

ModMed: What advice do you have for potential ModMed candidates?

Bonnie Malone: First, I would ask, “What are your passions and aspirations?” Make sure you know what motivates you.

Secondly, focus on transferable skills and your inherent strengths. What accolades or words do you see/hear in your performance reviews or feedback from colleagues? You don’t have to tick every box on the job description. But you need to understand what you bring to the role that is uniquely you.

Be open-minded. ModMed continues to grow quickly — so the next open role may be something new that we hadn’t previously posted. Or, it may not be a job title on your radar.

Lastly, we are always trying something new. It’s part of our original brand name, “Modernizing Medicine.” Being willing to think outside the box and learn from the process is essential!

ModMed: Which of the core ModMed values best reflects your personality?

Bonnie Malone: I associate strongly with all of them, but “create customer delight” is my north star. To me, delight means doing something more than expected, whether helping a new client anticipate a challenge or being there to celebrate a collective win.

ModMed: What has been one of your favorite moments from a ModMed employee group or event?

Bonnie Malone: On May 4, our executive team all dressed up as Star Wars characters. We brought professional cosplayers in and had a themed party in the office. It was a ton of fun to participate in and lighten up the day!

If you find Bonnie’s career story compelling and would like to learn more, our team is growing quickly with open roles throughout the United States. If you’re interested in joining Bonnie’s team or simply want to learn more about what it’s like to work at ModMed, check out our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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