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A Speciality-Specific EHR Designed for Your Needs

Physician Raman Mahabir shares how switching to ModMed's all-in-one system saves time.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

I'm Raman Mahabir. I'm a plastic surgeon in Tucson, Arizona. We are two physicians that do a lot of cosmetic surgery as well as breast reconstruction. 

When we started our private practice in Tucson, we looked at all of the different EMRs out there and we had experience with several different ones. My wife, who's also a plastic surgeon, is my partner. So between the two of us, we had tried basically every EMR that was out there for private practice. And once we saw EMA and the suite of products it offered, what we realized is that if we adopted EMA, we didn't need any other patches. It could take care of everything all in one.

Previous EMRs, you spent a lot of time either during clinic or after clinic, or weekends even, catching up on charts, finishing the EMR. Whereas now I see my patients, I spend time with my patients and still by the end of the day, my charts are done and I go home and my work is done.

The documentation in EMA is easy. When you buy the product, it comes preloaded with a lot of content, and the content is really great, but it's also easily modifiable. Modifiable to your practice, your style, your techniques, and you modify it once and then it's modified forever. So it comes preloaded with content, but you can also make it your own very quickly, very easily.

ModMed easily saves me an hour a day versus other EMRs. EMA has everything I need to run my practice, door to door, which is an amazing way to start out a practice.