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Financial insights with ModMed Pay and Analytics

Physician Raman Mahabir talks about financial insights with ModMed Pay and Analytics

Here’s a full Transcription of the video:

We adopted ModMed Pay and our team loves it. Why? It takes time out of the checkout process. 

So now we've literally halved the time it takes to do a checkout. Well, that's all the more time that my staff can then spend face to face with the patient, talking to the patient, making sure they had a great experience. And at the end of the day, that's what it's about, a great patient experience. 

The biggest feature ModMed Pay brought to our practice is just the ability to integrate all of the power of the revenue cycle management.

Meaning we now capture all of the revenue cycle that goes on in the practice. There's the reporting and analytics in the back end of EMA that is also incredibly valuable. 

Maybe more important than any specific analytic is that ModMed gives me access to the analytics that I want. So yes, they have a lot of pre-made reports, but essentially because it is its own EMR, it has all of the data and you can generate your own reports. So whatever it is that you want to track in your practice, ModMed gives you the ability to do that.