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Enhancing the Patient Experience With the Use of iPads

Physician Raman Mahabir describes how the use of an iPad streamlines his workflow.

Here is the full transcript: 

I’m Raman Mahabir. I'm a plastic surgeon in Tucson, Arizona. 

The biggest differentiator for ModMed is the ability to function on a tablet. It makes you much more mobile. The app itself is incredibly responsive and powerful. You can do anything and everything you need to do in that app and patients respond better to the app. When you sit in front of a computer and type at a keyboard, you’re distracted from the patient because you're paying attention to that system. 

One of the biggest advantages to using the iPad for consults is you can either take the patient's photo and then actually just draw on the photo,  or ModMed even has bodies built in and you can just draw pictures on there to help explain the procedures. You can then even save those drawings into the patient's chart so they're there showing you did that explanation. And that's incredibly powerful both for the patient, but also just for the medical record. 

One of my things that I like the most is its text to speech. It works. It works incredibly well. And yes, I have most of my notes templated. But in plastic surgery, there's always going to be things I do that there's no template for. And so being able to just dictate it into my iPad and seeing it appear and the recognition is amazing. Almost flawless. Very little editing afterwards. It's a great text to speech. 

Our staff are saving a tremendous amount of time since we adopted ModMed because of the ability to use things like protocols. The protocols that come with ModMed or the ones you make yourself really streamline things in a way that no other EMR was able to do for us. 

For example, I see a patient. I want to book a surgery. Our MAs now have a protocol that they can click one button and it generates the labs, the consents, the clearance, the booking sheet for the OR. It can all be done through one click of a protocol.