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Documenting With a Smarter Plastic Surgery EHR

ModMed’s all-in-one Plastic Surgery platform starts optimizing itself the moment you start using it. No templates to create. No complex customization. Just optimal efficiency and improved outcomes for your entire practice. But that’s not all.

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Hi. My name is Shani Sayag and I’m the Solutions Specialist here at Modernizing Medicine. This is a view of our chart, patient history on the left and past visits on the right in chronological order. I am going to perform a breast exam today with all of my findings and measurements here. EMAʼs adaptive learning engine is going to remember my top 10 impressions and plans.

My patient is here with concerns of Symptomatic Macromastia with an associated dx of back pain, shoulder pain, and intertrigo. By selecting the Associated Diagnoses tab, EMA will add these dx codes in for billing. All of my counseling verbiage for my consultation is already prepopulated here which is all customizable per provider.

Now, I will also be treating the patient with Botox which I am able to easily document through special plans. Special plans is great for documenting cosmetics and will not have a dx code associated. Consent is being signed, and saved directly into the patients chart as well as being associated to today’s visit.

Photos can be taken directly in the exam room, and as I am saving, I can tag each photo which will allow me to search by tags in a general photo library. EMAʼs drawing feature allows you to draw on the body atlas or directly on a patient’s photo at anytime during your documentation. Drawings will be saved to the visit note and can be pulled forward into a future visit if needed.

A pre-op visit is being performed and I am easily able to document this through a protocol that I have preset. This includes any preoperative instructions, lab orders, and sending prescriptions. Protocols allow you to prepopulate and standardize visits as well as alter per patient as needed.

Now that my visit documentation is complete, I can review my preliminary visit note, any prescriptions ordered, and my patient handout with any counseling or pre and post care instructions, this can be printed and is also available on the patients portal. All of this information was automatically generated based on the documentation today. For more information, contact us today.