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Ongoing Support Beyond Implementation

Dr. Raman Mahabir discusses the positive impact implementing ModMed has had on his practice.

Here is the full transcript:

Switching over to ModMed was surprisingly easy. We did all of the trainings pre-op. They've got an amazing online university that we had our team do prior to go-live. By the time we were ready to go live, the staff actually wanted it. They were excited to use it, and so when we went live it was easy. We did have a trainer on site who was incredibly helpful. 

The transition went so smoothly that we could spend our time with our trainer, just really optimizing those flows, creating protocols, creating templates, and after the first week we were back to normal pace.

Nice thing about ModMed is they're big enough that they can really accommodate large practices, but they're small enough that they're still attentive to small practices. For example, when we see something that we need to change, like the recent FDA change to the way we have to report breast implants and risks, ModMed was able to create a fix that was rolled out and it's built right in. Those are the kind of changes in an EMR that are crucial to us in making our day-to-day life better, because it's so responsive to feedback.