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#MeetModMed: Deborah Thompson, Director of People Experience

#MeetModMed Deborah Thompson

#MeetModMed Series

As an award-winning technology company, ModMed® is known primarily for its innovative medical specialty-specific solutions. But that’s only half the story. The people that work here are at the core of what we do — they shape everything from how our all-in-one solutions are developed, to how we interact with practices, and everything in-between.

#MeetModMed is a series dedicated to exploring the numerous healthcare technology careers our organization offers, all through the lens of our fantastic people.

In this #MeetModMed, we talk with our Director of People Experience, Deborah Thompson, about her rewarding career enhancing the culture at our company.

ModMed: You started at ModMed in 2012 as an Office Manager. How would you describe your career path from that moment to today?

Deborah Thompson: I have enjoyed a wonderful journey of personal and professional growth during my time at ModMed. I originally managed our Weston office, and eventually expanded my responsibilities to include employee engagement. Over time, as ModMed grew, my role expanded again to include overseeing all corporate facilities, office administration, employee engagement, special events, corporate travel, recognition and internal communication channels — building and maintaining the amazing culture here at ModMed.

ModMed: What does a typical day look like at ModMed for you?

Deborah Thompson: A typical day for me starts with a quick check-in with my team to see what its priorities are for the day. I will usually review where we are with our major initiatives so I can help if certain items need to be pushed along. We (the PX team) love to collaborate on our projects, so we move quickly to make decisions after a round of feedback.

After that, I will check the chat rooms and walk the halls at HQ to get a sense of the daily “vibe” at ModMed. I love connecting with the team, both via chat and in person. Then, I hit the laptop and get going on designing project plans, meeting with stakeholders for our current and future initiatives, reviewing contracts, and approving expenditures. It is not uncommon for PX to have 30 concurrent projects in flight at any given time, so my days are pretty busy!

ModMed: That said, your role’s focus is on building culture, planning projects and facilitating collaboration. Can you talk about how these organizational functions — and the ways to optimize them — have changed over time?

Deborah Thompson: Everything I do, in collaboration with my team, is focused on one thing — PEOPLE. The corporate meetings, special events, how we communicate, lounge amenities, catering, swag, surveys, the design of our physical space, the wellness programs, corporate policy structure, appreciation gifts, philanthropic campaigns, everything — it’s all centered around making our team feel valued and cared for.

When you value people, you can’t go wrong. We have had to change the way we’ve delivered some of these experiences since the pandemic, but the goal of making Modernizers feel special has not changed one bit.

ModMed: Which of ModMed’s core values best reflects your personality? 

Deborah Thompson: If I have to pick one, it would be “Align passion with purpose.” I love being able to use my skills to help make ModMed a success. I can’t do a lot of what our product and dev teams do, but the skills I do have and what I am most passionate about makes a difference here — and I love that!

ModMed: What qualities made you want to work at ModMed in the first place? 

Deborah Thompson: ModMed rocks! I have the pleasure and honor of being a cultural ambassador to our team, and it never gets old. The people are the best thing about working here! We are all different and have so many diverse talents and backgrounds, yet we accomplish so much together. It is remarkable.

ModMed: You’ve recently taken on an expanded role that includes overseeing positive team dynamics across the organization. As a senior leader, can you speak on your leadership style and ModMed’s industry disruption?

Deborah Thompson: It is not too difficult to promote a positive culture when you work with such amazing talent every day. I would say my leadership style is transformational. The goal for my team is always to exceed expectations — to add that little something extra…pixie dust, so to speak. Working with so many teams across the organization, I have the unique privilege to see the impact of a well-executed recognition program or the successful launch of a new initiative.

Nothing is better than walking through the office and seeing team members playing pool together, folks gathering at the coffee machine laughing together, or a full lounge at lunchtime, even the interaction we see from our remote team members in our special interest chat rooms, and other remote events. The smiles say it all. That isn’t just a statement about the fun perks or amenities available at the office. It is a statement about how relationships are built and maintained in a positive atmosphere of belonging and acceptance.

Also, we continually request feedback from our Modernizers through various surveys/GRID sessions. These feedback channels enable us to keep a pulse on the team and take action where we see certain trends developing. Constructive feedback helps us take action and plan for the future of work for our team members. We are listening to the team, and we are always working toward a better tomorrow…together.

ModMed: Can you talk about the Newbie Experience and how this unique ModMed initiative serves the organization from a cultural perspective?

Deborah Thompson: Connection is important for all of us, but it is CRITICAL for our newbies. One thing we learned through the pandemic is that we need one another, and if we are not intentional about connecting we may lose what makes us so special. Building relationships within the workplace is key to retaining great talent and is imperative for collaboration and creativity across the organization.

The Newbie Experience is a special event where our newbies are flown into HQ and treated to a fun day that includes a scavenger hunt, great food, a company vision presentation and networking with leaders from within the organization. All of the activities are designed to reinforce the mission and values of ModMed and create connections with other team members that may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The Experience has been hugely successful and we look forward to meeting our newbies each month!

ModMed: How important are cultural touchpoints to the ModMed experience? 

Deborah Thompson: The special events and other touch points that we create for the team are all part of our “Think big. Have fun. Do good.” value. I don’t know of any teams that work harder than those at ModMed, so we better make sure we are having a really fun time too!

Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), was one of our major events this year and was a total blast! These events allow us to come together, outside of our daily tasks and build bonds that create a deeper connection to the people we work with and the company as a whole.

If you find Deborah’s career story compelling and would like to learn more, our team is growing quickly with open roles throughout the United States. If you’re interested in joining Deborah’s team or simply want to learn more about what it’s like to work at ModMed, check out our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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