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Telehealth EHR Software That’s Easy To Use For Your Entire Staff


How telehealth EHR software is aiming to provide the ability for physicians to see their patients in a user-friendly way

During these uncertain times of reopening your practice in the midst of a global pandemic, telehealth EHR technology has become a go-to method of seeing and treating patients. Whether you’re a busy dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon or pain management doctor, having the right telehealth software matters—not just to your busy practice—but more importantly to your patients.

female-patient-using-telehealth-at-homePatients are used to coming in for their appointments and being seen face-to-face by you and your extenders, while they discuss their symptoms and their concerns. Since COVID-19 has spread so rapidly in the United States, many people are worried about getting their prescriptions and being seen for their regular visits.

EHR vendors should provide the tools doctors need to maintain clinical workflows and ease the documentation burden. Providing them with easy telehealth software solutions is something that smarter EHR vendors are already ahead of the curve on. Having the right EHR vendor that is keen on providing smart telehealth solutions can help during this time of uncertainty. In selecting a telehealth-enabled EHR system, it’s important to look for one that can be easily implemented into your practice.

Telehealth Software That can be Easy to Use for Extenders and Staff

As a physician running a busy practice, you rely heavily on practice managers and nurses, as well as office staff and physician assistants. As such, you will not be the sole user of  your telehealth software solution. Your entire staff should be trained and as informed as possible on how to use telehealth technology. With our current remote society, the increase in telehealth visits seems like it could continue for a long time.

Luckily, it can be easy to use telehealth solutions that are effectively integrated into your EHR. Expert training provided by specialists helps the EHR implementation process go much more smoothly. EHR software that is developed by practicing physicians coincides with this training, helping to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience.

In addition, your telehealth-enabled EHR software should be easy to use for extenders and other practice administrators. Studies show that telehealth EHR software is fast and convenient for extenders to see patients, especially for minor check-ups and prescription refills. According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, nurses who engage with telehealth solutions are empowered to monitor, evaluate, collect data and follow-up with patients as needed. When implementing high-resolution video capabilities that are available with a top-notch telehealth solution, essential quality of service standards are much easier to uphold and execute.

Another helpful resource available with some EHR vendors are webinars led by experts in the field. Watching webinars and reading the latest resources on modern EHR technology can help prepare you for the virtual exam room, as well as the virtual waiting room and beyond.

Providing Telehealth Integration With Your EHR

plastic-surgery-telehealth-visitTelehealth integration with your EHR can help streamline the virtual exam process for your staff and your patients. Having to rely on third parties for telehealth services can result in extra effort. Front office staff usually winds up having to make phone calls and click through multiple screens to achieve checking in patients, getting them hooked up to their patient portal page and then scheduling their follow-up appointment.

With an EHR vendor like EMA®, telehealth integration offers technology solutions that allow the software to integrate seamlessly with the EHR. High-resolution video chat allows you to see your patients from virtually anywhere and can help provide quality of service. When inefficient bridges, extra clicks and extra documentation are eliminated, you’ll be more likely to see all of your patients in the virtual waiting room.

Thanks to ModMed® telehealth, nurse practitioners, practice managers and PAs also have the ability to see patients over video conferencing when they are up-to-speed with how to use the technology. When telehealth software integration allows faster appointments, easier reporting and seamless communication, you can keep your patients’ appointments, helping to reassure them as much as possible.

As your patient volume continues to increase over this trying time, using a smarter EHR solution that is developed by practicing doctors in your field can provide the kind of reassuring support you need. Now more than ever, it’s important to have a tested EHR software solution that can assist you as much as possible.

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