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The Value of Custom Analytics in Gastroenterology Practices and ASCs

Top questions gInsights answers. What's causing result? How does data compare? What needs attention? What areas to improve?

Capture a detailed view of your practice with gInsights™ to see what’s working — or not working

Read on to learn how quickly and easily reports can be customized to help provide additional insight into your gastroenterology practice or ASC.

Taking Analytics to the Next Level

Today, every decision from purchasing a car to picking a pet food brand to finding a city to live in could be influenced by data. Just as you meticulously research before buying a new TV, your healthcare practice could benefit from tailored reports that effortlessly aggregate information. In this blog, we’ll explore how data-driven decisions are a cornerstone of practice success.

Analytics help pertinent staff and stakeholders answer key business questions and identify contributing factors. Analytics can help investigate cause-effect relationships, reveal opportunities, and measure results against internal goals and industry benchmarks. Insight into data helps align processes and workflows with business strategies and goals. Explore how having access to such information directly in your daily workflow, as gInsights allows, could represent a paradigm shift for your practice.

Just as in medicine, a one-size-fits-all approach falls short; it doesn’t work with reporting and analytics. That’s why gInsights is designed to help empower you to customize and build reports that align with your unique needs and challenges, helping your practice stay agile. With gInsights, all members of your practice can quickly and easily view and report on the data most relevant to their needs. For example, financial and billing staff members may be most interested in financial reporting, such as accounts receivable, revenue forecasting and payer reports. While clinicians and operational staff may be more interested in clinical, procedural and staffing, or office efficiency reports.

Clinicians, practice administrators and billing teams can use gInsights to:

  • Understand the overall health of the organization
  • Report on various aspects of the business
  • Make well-informed decisions that can improve efficiency
  • Instigate significant changes to processes, strategies and workflows

Create: Build custom reports and dashboards

With more than 50 built-in reports, gInsights breaks down your practice into three views: clinical, operational and financial. Plus, custom reports can be used to view unique data points and to create new dashboards specific to your reporting needs.

Edit: Use filter settings on existing reports

gInsights comes loaded with standard reports that can be customized through the filter settings to drill down to the practice location, physician, diagnosis code, payer and more. You can even pull in additional KPIs and quickly save reports.

Publish: Share reports with stakeholders

Knowing that one of the key aspects to analytics is quickly and easily reporting your findings to stakeholders, gInsights allows you to share custom reports with one click to keep your leadership team, staff and others in the know.

About gInsights

Unlock actionable insights that can help improve your practice. gInsights brings together your clinical, financial and operational data, so you can get more comprehensive reporting, with the freedom to apply filters and choose which fields are shown. In just a few clicks, drill down from the enterprise level to view location, provider and patient details, or trend quality improvement initiatives over time.

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