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Is your OBGYN EHR helping you succeed or holding you back?

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The top 10 characteristics your OBGYN EHR system should have.

With so many options out there, selecting the right EHR system that is OBGYN-specific and ready for value-based care can be crucial to your success. We put together a list of the top ten characteristics your OBGYN EHR system should have. Thinking about making the switch from paper charts or another EHR system? Learn what key EHR attributes you should be looking for.

1. A Specialty-specific System. When it comes to your EHR system, one size does not fit all. The workflows of an obstetrics and gynecology practice versus an ophthalmology practice or an orthopedic practice are all unique, and that’s the way your EHR system should be — flexible and specific to your specialty. At ModMed®, we know that specialty physicians understand their own needs better than software engineers ever could, which is why our on-staff physicians code their medical knowledge and workflows into our EHR systems. One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that it eliminates the need for users to create templates — since all the information is preloaded, the system is ready to go on day one.

“I’m very familiar with generalist EHRs and how physicians customize them for their practices. I’ve had to do this myself, and there are definitely limitations. I’m excited to lead the effort in creating something for my peers that I’ve been wanting for my own practice.”


-Hung Ecklund, MD and Medical Director of ModMed OBGYN

2. Time Savings. Your EHR system should help improve your efficiency, not hinder it. If it does hinder you, it’s time to think about implementing a system that’s designed by OBGYNs for OBGYNs. With an EHR system that was built for your specialty’s workflow, you can get exactly what you need when you need it, while enjoying the flexibility to work the way you want.

“We’ve heard from OBGYNs that they are frustrated by the time it takes to find information. They want clinical decision support and modern patient engagement tools. ModMed OBGYN is designed to be a real solution for these practices.”


-Aleta Daria, Senior National Sales Director of ModMed OBGYN

For instance, the preloaded medical knowledge and structured data in our EHR,  EMA®, allows physicians to enter information simply by tapping the iPad screen — no need for typing. Throughout the exam process, EMA minimizes the number of steps necessary by suggesting your preferred diagnoses and treatments, generating notes and superbills automatically and eliminating the need to enter data twice. This means that you can complete your documentation before the patient leaves the room instead of having to stay late to finish notes.

“I find that EMA charts the way I think, one diagnosis and treatment at a time. I’m able to select findings from previous notes without having to copy and paste the entire note, which saves me time. I also love that EMA has built-in ICD-10 codes that it suggests based on my documentation.”


-Katie Evans, DPM

To help add even more time back into your day, ModMed provides an Apple Watch app to augment EMA and our Practice Management system. During busy days, it can make your life easier by giving you instant access to key information, such as your schedule for the day, with just a glance at your watch. You can leave your iPad in the exam room and your phone in your pocket without losing track of where you need to be and when.

“I’m a champion for digital solutions that empower clinicians to reclaim their time so they can focus on patient care and achieve the best possible outcomes. I believe in technology that facilitates and enhances the connection with patients, rather than obstructs it.”


-Nigel A. Spier, MD, ModMed OBGYN Team Lead

3. Automated Coding. As a physician, you focus on the health of your patients, but what about the financial health of your practice?

To help make sure you get paid what you deserve, EMA uses patented technology to automatically generate ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes based on your clinical documentation. 

4. Cloud-Based Technology. If your system is based on an on-site server, it’s time to migrate to a cloud-based platform. When your EHR data is protected by robust security practices and stored in the cloud, it enables you to stay connected with patients even if you’re home or attending a conference. For instance, the EMA smartphone app allows you to access records and send in prescriptions fast while on patient calls. Having a cloud-based system also means you don’t need to keep sinking money and time into an on-premise server.

“Our physicians love the portability EMA provides. They can easily access patient information and ePrescribe from their cell phones when outside the office. The user-friendly system and use of Protocols saves them at least two hours per day compared to our previous system.”


-Carey Hill, Practice Manager

5. Adaptive Learning. Every physician works differently, so your EHR system should too. Recognizing each individual provider by their unique username, EMA uses an adaptive learning engine to remember your most frequent diagnoses, treatment preferences and unique style of practice. The plans that you utilize most frequently move to the top of the list, so there’s no need for additional clicking, searching or building preferences for each diagnosis. Plus, using adaptive learning, EMA even anticipates your next move. Having a system that helps you string together a list of diagnoses and interventions across multiple practice locations can save valuable time.

6. A Suite of Solutions. Finding a single trusted vendor that can provide a one-stop-shop for all your practice’s needs is a wonderful thing. For one, using an all-in-one solution can make it easy to ensure that all aspects of your practice work together seamlessly. With systems made by different vendors, you have to set up bridges and sign into each system separately, whereas you may only have to sign in once with a single-vendor solution. Plus, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vendor has expertise in your specialty and is focused on developing all products and services to create synergy that helps optimize your practice.

Below is an outline of the products and solutions that we offer at ModMed within our specialty-specific suite of solutions.

  • EMA: As noted previously, EMA is ModMed’s specialty-specific EHR system that helps improve efficiency, income and outcomes for both small and large practices. Built with ICD-10 and value-based care in mind, our innovative cloud-based technology helps give you an edge in today’s challenging healthcare environment.
  • Practice Management: Our game-changing system provides a simpler, more flexible approach to scheduling, document management, billing and reporting. Since it’s part of an all-in-one solution, clinical and financial information can flow seamlessly through your practice, giving staff quick, easy access to everything they need to complete tasks efficiently, collect balances promptly and improve patient experiences.
  • ModMed Telehealth: Our innovative telemedicine platform allows you to diagnose and treat patients remotely, so you can add a new revenue stream without adding to your office caseload. This can aid in boosting patient engagement and provide a convenient way for patients to seek your care while saving a time-consuming trip to the office.
  • ModMed Pay: Our modern payment solution that offers patients multiple ways to pay, including contactless payments like text to pay, online quick pay, Patient Portal payments, ModMed Kiosk payments, payment plans and autopay. It automatically syncs transactions to Practice Management and the patient account so you can view transaction statuses in near real-time with our payments dashboard and easily run reports.
  • MIPS Readiness. With the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) in effect, you want to work with a vendor that can set you up for success and has the experienced team necessary to support you. MIPS data is captured within the flow of the exam and you can submit your scores directly from your EHR system, transmitting your Quality, Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities measures easily to CMS. Additionally, our concierge-style coaching program, MIPS Advising, provides technology and specialized guidance to help you avoid penalties, save time with reporting and more, helping you easily navigate complicated regulations while gaining peace of mind. Clients have shared the value they have experienced from our guidance services by saying:

“The MIPS/MACRA recording is my number one favorite feature of EMA. I’m tasked with making sure that’s accurate for us, so being able to track our performance and make adjustments on the fly is one of the best things ever.”


-Tony Turner, Chief Information Officer


“The MIPS/MACRA recording is my number one favorite feature of EMA. I’m tasked with making sure that’s accurate for us, so being able to track our performance and make adjustments on the fly is one of the best things ever.”


-Melissa Loveless, Office Manager/RN

Additionally, ModMed’s solutions feature an easy-to-read scorecard showing how you’re performing in MIPS, and our Specialized Registries provide a way to help improve your score.

8. Structured Data. While most EHR systems collect free text, EMA collects what’s called structured data as you tap the screen. This allows the data you enter to be understood and leveraged to benefit your practice. For instance, it makes it possible for you to easily visualize each patient’s outcomes over time and learn from a nationwide community of your colleagues to discover top treatments for specific diseases.

Plus, it allows EMA to power Analytics, our powerful population health platform that unlocks actionable insights from your data. Analytics provides insight into referring providers, the patients lost to follow-up for high-risk diagnoses and reimbursement trends. While other analytics platforms may show you a few basic metrics, our structured data approach allows you to access customizable, in-depth reports. By combining clinical and financial data, Analytics can facilitate population health, show your direct and indirect cost footprint and reveal opportunities for improvement.

9. Patient Engagement Tools. In today’s healthcare environment, getting patients involved with their healthcare earlier in the process is paramount for improving outcomes and meeting government regulations.

That’s why we designed ModMed Telehealth and our Patient Portal to enable your patients to access information, receive treatment remotely and play a larger role in their own care. Under MIPS, your use of tools like these to keep patients connected may be vital for helping you avoid penalties.

Meanwhile, in the exam room, an EHR system that forces you to turn your back to type at a computer may make patients feel alienated, while a mobile system can help you engage patients in more meaningful interactions. Since EMA was built for an iPad, it allows you to face your patients and engage them by showing them interactive diagrams, drawings, photos, outcome timelines and more on your screen.

“I love innovative technology, especially when it improves patient care. I called a patient to review their imaging report and they told me that they had already received a text that the report was in their chart and that they could access it on their Patient Portal. It’s so nice to have an EHR that actually makes our workflow easier.”


-Sijo J. Parekattil, MD

10. A Team of Experts. An EHR system isn’t just about the software — it’s about the people who support it. To help ensure your success, you want to be able to rely on a team of skilled professionals that have a background in your medical specialty. Through implementation and beyond, our dedicated client services team has the knowledge necessary to help you transition smoothly, navigate compliance effortlessly, and overcome any potential challenges down the road.

“The ModMed team is composed of really good people and the caliber of the leadership team is first class. They listen to their customers on a level that I have not encountered elsewhere. ModMed’s desire to make things work in the most meaningful and useful way is what makes them shine over other companies I’ve experienced.”


-Trish Barker, COO

How did your EHR system (or lack thereof) fare? If you’re looking to make a change, we look forward to helping you make the right one.

This blog is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or medical advice. Please consult with your legal counsel and other qualified advisors to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.