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Arkansas Gastroenterology: Reporting Success With GI-Specific gGastro Suite

Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Replace software that frustrated providers 
  • Find an all-in-one cloud-based solution 
  • Access info in the office and surgery center

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Patient notes are completed the same day
  • Gained access to schedules on mobile devices
  • E-prescribing directly from the EHR
  • Automated appointment reminders

Read how one practice switched to all-in-one GI software, saved time, and boosted both clinical and business efficiency

Entrance to Arkansas Gastroenterology

“We selected gGastro because it was designed for and by gastroenterologists. We believe there is nothing that can replace an EHR system that’s built for your specialty. It is a night-and-day difference from other systems we’ve used.”

Barbara Snow, Administrator


The team at Arkansas Gastroenterology treats patients with a wide variety of disorders of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, colon, liver, pancreas and biliary system. ArkGI, as the practice is also known, has a main office and two surgery centers, in North Little Rock and Sherwood, Arkansas. 

The practice previously used two EHR systems that had limited functionality. Simple things like electronic prescribing and automated patient reminders were not available. Administrator Barbara Snow shares why the practice selected the gastroenterology software suite from ModMed® and never looked back. 

gGastro as seen on browser, iPad and smartphone


We selected gGastro® because it was designed for and by gastroenterologists. We believe there is nothing that can replace an EHR system that’s built for your specialty. It is a night-and-day difference from other systems we’ve used.

We started with gGastro EHR, which includes a fully integrated report writer, and gPM™, the practice management system. We were so happy that we later added gGastro Mobile, a smartphone app to access patient records on the go, and gReminder+™, automated patient reminder software that works well with patient scheduling. 

We first began using gGastro for office visits. Our practice is 90% procedures, so when we started using gGastro ERW in the surgery centers as well, it made our workflows and efficiencies much more streamlined. Our providers take pictures of the colonoscopies and esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) procedures in real time. These images are entered into the system along with details regarding how many biopsies the doctor took and additional findings. All of this information goes into one note while the procedure is being done, and we can access it from the patient’s chart at the office. This is a big advantage, compared to waiting two or three weeks for this information. 

One of our doctors utilizes a scribe and the others prefer to document on their own. All of them have their notes completed by the end of the day, which in the past was not the case. It could be a week, or two, by the time charts were done. Once the doctor signs the note or signs off on the office visit, the information goes directly to the referring provider. That saves us a lot of time and a lot of money because we aren’t paying a transcription service to do that for us. There are a lot of other extra features and options that come with gGastro that we appreciate.


We love having the gReminder+ feature, which automatically updates appointment status based on patient responses. When patients confirm their appointment, our team will see a little green dot in the gPM system, which is absolutely marvelous. If we see a red dot, the nurses know to call the patient to see if they need to reschedule. If the patient is unsure and we see a yellow dot, our front desk can call to confirm or reschedule. This has helped to optimize provider and staff time and to keep schedules up to date.

We can also send out recall letters directly from gGastro, which is amazing. When the doctor decides a patient’s timing for the next colonoscopy, the nurse can enter the next visit in the software. We can read all the letters that we need to run for a particular month, whether it be an office visit, a colonoscopy, or an EGD, and send them out via the patient engagement portal, aka gPortalTM


The doctors absolutely love gGastro Mobile because they can pull up their schedule on their phone and see how many patients they have that day and if anyone has canceled. They also have access to chart notes, procedures and lab results at their fingertips.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services made sending prescriptions electronically mandatory. Having this E-prescription feature within gGastro has saved us so much time as well. With a few simple clicks, our doctors can send a prescription directly to the patient’s pharmacy, which they also appreciate.

We are so happy we finally found the right all-in-one GI-specific system that works well for both our office and surgery centers. Having software designed for gastroenterology is invaluable. 

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