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Addressing Gastroenterology Practice Challenges With All-in-One Software

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In the fast-paced and demanding world of gastroenterology, healthcare technology should be designed to help physicians meet everyday challenges. With documentation prompts, practice-to-ASC connectivity and advanced analytics, gGastro® can empower you to do more with less and stay focused on patient care.

In this blog, we will review how gGastro can support your practice in a dynamic environment.

Disconnected Software

Managing your practice doesn’t have to mean managing multiple software solutions to get through the day.

gGastro is an all-in-one solution that connects your GI practice and ASC. This may help alleviate the frustrations of disconnected systems, like multiple log-ins, manual uploads and manual recall management.

An all-in-one solution like gGastro can also connect your clinical and operational data, allowing you to surface valuable insights in a single software system — no spreadsheets or extra log-ins required.

GI Practice Challenge 1: Too Many Log-ins

With gGastro, physicians, front office staff and billers can view the information they need without having to switch systems — including pertinent data from your ASC.

For example, if physicians at your practice want to review the latest images from your ASC, all they have to do is log in and they can review them right in the patients’ charts. Same for billers who need to verify codes prior to claim submission — they can easily go into the patients’ charts.

Bonus: Centralized, all-in-one software also means you have one contact for support.

GI Practice Challenge 2: Manually Uploading Data Across Systems

Transferring files from one system to another can be a laborious and error-prone task. Plus, there may be high costs associated with staff resources to perform this kind of manual work.

With gGastro, you can centralize your medical and financial data in a single system, helping reduce the need for manual uploads, while helping improve data accuracy and integrity.

GI Practice Challenge 3: Difficulty Tracking Recalls

Tracking recalls is crucial for patient safety and practice compliance. With gGastro, recalls are built in and customizable. Your staff doesn’t have to create and manage recalls in a separate system. Once the recalls are in gGastro, they are put into a built-in queue. Your staff can see the state of the recall and select it to send out a letter to the patient, through the patient portal or by mail.

An automated recall system can also generate letters and portal notices to remind patients to schedule their next procedures. This can help communicate the importance of follow-up visits and help patients remember to schedule such visits.

Documentation Slowdowns

Efficient documentation is a top priority for gastroenterology practices and ASCs, but certain factors may hinder the process and impact productivity.

GI Practice Challenge 4: Bloated Workflows and Coding

In EHRs that aren’t specialty-specific, gastroenterologists typically need to sift through irrelevant diagnoses and treatment plans to find the ones they are looking for. This can distract you from exams and hinder your ability to get through documentation in a timely manner.

That’s why gGastro is specialty specific. It’s built by gastroenterologists to mirror the way you work, providing prebuilt GI-specific content and workflows.

GI Practice Challenge 5: Documenting Late at Night or on Weekends

Many physicians find themselves completing documentation after regular working hours, potentially leading to added stress and errors. gGastro can help reduce manual data entry, which may help you complete notes during patient visits.

Want to track your ability to finalize notes on time? Check our practice analytics to see how long it takes you. Set goals for each provider and see how much of your free time you can reclaim.

GI Practice Challenge 6: Getting It Done During Staff Shortages

Automation in EHR and practice management systems can help alleviate the burden of manual tasks on overwhelmed staff members.

For example, scheduling tools, like patient self-scheduling and appointment reminders, can be used to help bridge scheduling gaps and diminish the amount of time administrative staff spends on phone calls.

Suggested coding and claims scrubbing can be used to help reduce errors. This may help billing departments submit claims with greater accuracy.

With gKiosk™, our iPad app for gastroenterology offices, you can help simplify the copay and balance payment process, too. Balances are displayed on the kiosk iPad, so patients can enter and save their credit card information.*

When billing information, like patient addresses and insurance information, is preloaded, it may speed up future collections and streamline patient flow during intake and checkout.

Leveraging Analytics for Practice Performance

To thrive in today’s healthcare landscape, data-driven insights are essential. gGastro offers a powerful analytics platform, gInsights™, which empowers you to monitor and improve your practice’s performance.

GI Practice Challenge 7: Limited Visibility Into Practice Performance

Many practices struggle to gain visibility into their financial, operational and clinical performance. gInsights provides a range of reports and dashboards, allowing you to track key metrics and identify areas for improvement.

By harnessing the power of practice analytics, you can make data-driven decisions, track accounts receivable trends, monitor compliance with clinical guidelines, and adjust your practice’s financial and operational performance goals.

GI Practice Challenge 8: The Need for External Business Intelligence Tools

Relying on external tools for advanced analytics can be time consuming and costly. With built-in analytics capabilities, you can access in-depth gGastro reporting and drill down into specific metrics without the need for additional tools.

Meet GI practice challenges with ModMed

Gastroenterology practices and ASCs require technology solutions that help them address their unique challenges. The ModMed software suite can provide solutions you need to empower your practice for success.

Ready to see it in action? Book a demo.

*Requires ModMed Pay.

This blog is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or medical advice. Please consult with your legal counsel and other qualified advisors to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards.