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Putting Patients First: Elevating Safety and Care in Your Allergy Practice

Image of patient getting band-aid placed on her arm after receiving allergy shot.

How the Latest Allergy Immunotherapy Tech Can Help You Prioritize Safety

Does this ever happen to you? You’re settling in for a good night’s sleep, and you start to replay the busy day at your allergy practice. As you think about your patients, systems and procedures, you start to second-guess your safety protocols: Did we get every mixing dosage right? Is our team on the same page regarding safety protocols? Are we keeping up with all the latest allergy injection regulations? How do we find time to track inventory when the waiting room is full? Or perhaps the one that can lead to nightmares: Did we give the right patient the right shot?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re probably not alone. Fortunately, there is a comprehensive, all-in-one software solution available that will help you drift off to sleep thinking about all of the patients that you’ve helped by prioritizing safety in your practice. If this sounds like a dream, read on to hear how our allergy-specific EHR seamlessly connects to Xtract’s leading allergy immunotherapy software to help reduce inefficiencies, so you can focus on patient safety.

Predictive Dosing Solutions to Help You Improve Patient Care

Do you compound allergenic extracts in your clinic? If so, a system that helps you to reduce manual calculation errors as you mix allergy solutions and allows you to configure protocols with a single log-in can help you improve patient care, increase efficiency, get your team on the same page and simplify training.

With our built-in default dosing solutions, you have the flexibility to formulate your allergy treatment by volume, final concentration, or by shot. This can help you improve patient care by dosing against allergy potency and allows you to prescribe exactly as you would on paper, with our software backing you up. See it in action.

“Xtract mirrors the way our doctors like to practice. We looked at four vendors before choosing Xtract. The safety features are above and beyond any other that we saw in the market.”

Cindy Boynton, CCMA
Allergy Practice Manager, Florida ENT and Allergy

Easy-to-Use Safety Features

As an allergist, you know that some patients may receive hundreds of allergy shots over the course of a few years. And since you are often treating multiple allergies, there is potential for error. Our built-in immunology software features can help you provide safeguards for your staff, increase efficiency, and get your team all working from the same playbook, which can help you reduce errors in several ways:

Creating suggested patient-specific serum orders: Providers can input treatment preferences and apply them to initial testing results to identify a suggested patient-specific serum order.

Calculating serum and diluent amounts: When a patient comes in for an injection, the nurse can review pertinent information on a single screen, including days since the last injection, dose of last injection, any reaction, and what is scheduled to be given that day.

Software-generated barcodes: The software-generated barcode on the patient vial label helps providers select the correct vial for the correct patient.

These safety measures can help providers prescribe accurately, distribute the correct injections, and reduce manual calculation errors. Learn more.

Keep Up With Immunotherapy Complexity

Your entire team is busy, and it’s not always easy to keep up with ever-changing regulations. That’s why our software comes with configurable user privilege levels, testing and tracking reminders, an ACEA checklist, inventory lot traceability, and before-use-date management to help you meet your compliance obligations.

Simplified Inventory Tracking

If your practice’s idea of checking inventory is to have a nurse look through the refrigerator, our software can be a game changer. Not only does it keep track of expiration dates, but it also generates easily accessible reports that can give you amounts remaining in each vial and expirations with a tap on the screen.

Ready to see how the right comprehensive allergy software can help you deliver your best care, faster? Book a demo.

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