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Dr. Gregory Greco Saves Time & Gains Efficiency by Switching to ModMed® Plastic Surgery


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • Implement all-in-one plastic surgery software
  • Improve efficiencies and workflows
  • Establish a user-friendly patient portal 

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Improved office communication
  • Streamlined patient check-in
  • Saved hours with Patient Reminders
  • Gained portability with ePrescribing capabilities 

Here’s why the practice adopted EHR and PM systems designed just for plastic surgery 

P Daniel Ward

”Switching to a new system can be daunting. However, the support we received from ModMed was wonderful. Since implementing ModMed Plastic Surgery, we’ve streamlined our workflow to something that’s very navigable by all employees, making office communication seamless.”

Gregory A. Greco, DO, FACS
Monmouth Plastic Surgery


Dr. Gregory A. Greco is a dual-board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in full body cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction. He opened his practice, Monmouth Plastic Surgery, over 20 years ago and has offices in Red Bank, New Jersey, and New York City.

Dr. Greco was using a popular general EHR and practice management system that was cumbersome and often required duplicate work for his staff. He sought something more efficient that offered a user-friendly patient portal and more streamlined front-office capabilities. After researching numerous systems, Dr. Greco selected EMA®, the award-winning* integrated plastic surgery EHR and Practice Management system and Inventory Management and Patient Engagement tools, from ModMed. 

Here, he shares why he selected ModMed Plastic Surgery and how the all-in-one software continues to benefit his practice and patients. 

ModMed Plastic Surgery viewed on an iPad, smartphones and an Apple Watch


I was introduced to ModMed by Dr. Andrew Rosenthal, the medical director of plastic surgery and a practicing plastic surgeon, who helps program the software. I looked at several EHR systems over the years, and what stood out about EMA was that it was an easy to navigate, plastic surgery specific, iPad-compatible application. The portability of the cloud-based platform and the capabilities of ePrescribing have been the biggest benefits. 

Switching to a new system can be daunting. However, the support we received from ModMed people was wonderful. Their constant communication via email, phone, virtual training sessions and on-site support made the transition easier than expected. The learning curve was also quick because the all-in-one plastic surgery software was easy to use.


Since implementing ModMed Plastic Surgery, without a doubt we’ve streamlined our workflow to something that’s very navigable by all employees, making office communication seamless. We are now completely paperless, unlike with our previous system.

With ModMed Kiosk, we can hand the patient an iPad at check-in, which facilitates the intake and registration process and saves time. It reduces the patient’s time filling out forms and the front desk’s time on manual data entry. By utilizing Office Flow in EMA, the clinical staff and I can see when patients checked in, what room they are in, and when they are ready to be seen, right from the iPad. 

I utilize a scribe who documents the majority of my notes. Then I can review, add information, and finalize the notes, and the charges appear instantly in the Practice Management system, so we can collect payment at checkout. My staff can also easily see when the patient needs to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

My staff love using IntraMail to communicate easily with each other and to receive fax alerts that automatically become available in the patient’s chart. They can add attachments to visit notes and fax these documents with ease. 

The quoting tool has also been a real benefit, because now we have standardization. Patient quotes can include charges related to CPT codes, custom codes, product and inventory. We can enter surgery, corresponding payment and disclaimers on every sheet. It’s very neat, efficient and easy to use.


Per my staff, “the billing through ModMed is an amazing gift. It’s much more seamless compared to our previous system.” The automated Patient Reminders are also terrific, saving my staff several hours per week, which enables them to be more productive in other aspects of our office operations.  

Prior to Patient Reminders, they were emailing and calling each patient, which was a huge part of their day. Now they can go into the patients’ charts to see if they confirmed the appointments. We can then anticipate if they are coming or not. We can also easily run reports to show who canceled, so we can reschedule those patients and try to fill their appointment slots. This feature has added a great deal of efficiency and saved hours of time.

Another time-saving feature is the Patient Portal. Patients can fill out intake information and sign surgery consents prior to arrival, which saves time at the office. Patients can take the time to read the information at home and not feel rushed. It’s very self explanatory and easy for patients to use. Our old system’s portal was a nightmare, so this has been a huge benefit. 


The support is what really sets ModMed apart from other companies I’ve worked with. Switching technology systems can be a difficult transition. With ModMed, we were never left alone. We had constant communication to help ensure that our transition experience was as smooth and painless as possible.

The ModMed team listens and takes into account the feedback and suggestions we provide. There were product enhancements that were made based on observations and incompatibilities that we had found related to the billing of cosmetic surgery visits. Those issues were fixed and that is a great example of the ModMed team’s working with us to problem solve. We can easily communicate with team members, and they are always responsive. The outstanding support we’ve received during our onboarding process continues to carry through today. 

See how you can achieve greater efficiency with ModMed Plastic Surgery


*2022 Black Book™

Note: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Dr. Gregory Greco and not those of ModMed, which makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information.