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The Benefits of a Practice Management System and Dermatology Billing Service

quote from dermatologist Dr. Kelly Tepedino about Modernizing Medicine



A Q&A with Dr. Kelly Tepedino of North Florida Dermatology on Her Dermatology Software


When researching mobile electronic health record (EHR) systems, dermatology practice management systems and dermatology billing services, options abound. You can do your research and speak with different vendors, but perhaps the best way to have an accurate and honest glimpse into a product or service involves hearing directly from a practice and a dermatologist currently using the products and services.

The cloud-based modmed® Dermatology suite is designed to connect the front and back offices, enabling continuous access to patient information without disrupting workflow. By having the scheduling, clinical documentation, billing and reporting all in one system, Dr. Tepedino and her staff can effectively treat patients while remaining efficient.

We had the chance to speak with Kelly Tepedino, MD, founder and dermatologist at North Florida Dermatology, to hear about her experience with their dermatology EHR system, EMA™, Practice Management system and dermatology billing service.

Adopting a New Dermatology Software Solution

When Dr. Kelly Tepedino started North Florida Dermatology, in Lake City, Fla., she wanted to implement technology solutions including a dermatology EHR, practice management software and dermatology billing services, that would grow with her practice so she could focus on treating her patients. She made the decision to adopt Modernizing Medicine’s suite of products, modmed Dermatology, which includes the EHR system, EMA, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. This all-in-one solution automates coding, enhances patient flow and manages the dermatology billing service and process from check-in to paid account balances.

Q: How did you first learn about Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology software?

Dr. Kelly Tepedino: My initial exposure to modmed Dermatology was during residency when I completed elective weeks with various practices that used EMA. My colleagues were really happy with it, and I was impressed with the wealth of dermatology content EMA encompasses along with its ease of use. When it came time to open my own practice, EMA was the top choice for my EHR system, and I quickly learned that modmed Dermatology also offers Practice Management and dermatology medical billing with Revenue Cycle Management services. EMA is so extraordinary that I couldn’t imagine the other solutions being anything less.

Q: With so many choices for EHR systems, dermatology practice management software and dermatology billing services, how and why did you select Modernizing Medicine?

Dr. Tepedino: I loved the thought of having an all-in-one solution because I didn’t want to deal with multiple systems and vendors. I don’t make decisions lightly, but I knew from the beginning that modmed Dermatology would fit our needs and grow with the practice, which is a strong endorsement of my confidence in these products.

Q: Can you share your experience with Practice Management?

Dr. Tepedino: Practice Management is so quick and easy to use that the front desk staff can check in a patient in less than two minutes. My team can scan a patient’s insurance card and automatically evaluate eligibility in real-time. When the medical assistant takes the patient back, she can indicate the room number from an iPad, which signals to me that the patient is ready to be seen. This saves time and streamlines workflow.

Q: Patient engagement is certainly a hot topic and one that is very important for patient outcomes, reimbursement under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and more. How has Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology practice management software benefited your patients as well?

Dr. Tepedino: Our patients also really appreciate the functionality the system offers. The appointment flow tab, which can be accessed directly from the patient’s chart, displays the patient’s picture. Upon check-in, the receptionist can greet them by name, and our patients are so touched by the personalization they receive.

It’s also very easy to schedule an appointment, and we can filter by preference. For example, if the patient only wants to come in on Monday afternoons, the system will find all the available appointments within the specified timeframe. Appointments are color coded by new patients, established patients, surgeries, cosmetic appointments, etc., so we can see what type of mix we have for the week.

Q: There are never enough hours in the day. You have a life other than work and patients often contact you outside of office hours. How has our dermatology software increased your efficiency and mobility?

Dr. Tepedino: The mobility of modmed Dermatology adds convenience. When I’m away from the office, I can stay connected with my staff and my patients via PocketEMA™, the smartphone version of EMA. I can access patient information and refill prescriptions in minutes.

Next, we spoke with Dr. Tepedino on the topic of her dermatology billing service, specifically, Modernizing Medicine’s Revenue Cycle Management services. By outsourcing her dermatology billing, Dr. Tepedino can let Modernizing Medicine’s team manage the billing process so she can focus on the health of her practice and her patients.

Q: Why did you decide to outsource your dermatology billing to Modernizing Medicine?

Dr. Tepedino: I thought it would be impossible for me to effectively provide quality care to my patients and also worry about collections, billing insurances and following up on denials and rejections. I didn’t want to attempt to undertake those responsibilities because I felt it would be too overwhelming. Hiring a team of in-house billers would be too expensive, so instead I viewed revenue cycle management as an all-in-one package that came with my dermatology EHR. It made complete sense to let the experts at Modernizing Medicine manage these processes

dermatology medical billing chart

Q: If someone asked you about your dermatology medical billing experience with Modernizing Medicine, what would you say?

Dr. Tepedino: Modernizing Medicine’s Revenue Cycle Management solution has exceeded my expectations and has been seamless from the start. When I finalize a note, EMA creates the bill for me to include the CPT, ICD-10 codes and modifiers, and it’s automatically populated in my practice management system. Then, the dermatology billing team collects the bill, reviews the charges, sends it to the clearinghouse followed by the insurance company, and I get paid. The average turnaround time for my payments is 22 days, and our denial rate is only 2 percent, which is impressive and a huge weight off my shoulders. It’s really rewarding to be able to watch our cash flow grow.

Q: Can you describe the process and customer service when you have a question or concern?

Dr. Tepedino: Our dedicated and knowledgeable Revenue Cycle Management advisor is only a phone call away. We connect with her monthly and receive analytical reports that show how much the practice billed, how much revenue we generated, our denial rate, payer mix, etc. It’s really rewarding to watch our cash flow grow.

Also, whenever a patient calls with a billing problem, we can direct them to the billing line, and their questions are answered in a timely manner. There are instances when a patient will stop into the office with a billing question, and we don’t like to leave them waiting. We can call the dermatology billing team, receive an answer and knowledgeably explain the resolution, which our patients appreciate.

Q: If you had to sum up your experience with modmed Dermatology to a fellow dermatologist, what would you say?

As a dermatologist, I am so focused on treating my patients, so it’s valuable to have a solution that helps improve the clinical, financial and operational aspects of my practice. modmed Dermatology operates as one platform rather than numerous systems, eliminating the need for managing multiple interfaces and passwords.

The experience thus far has been nothing but fantastic, and if we do have an issue, we receive a prompt response from real people dedicated to helping our practice succeed. Modernizing Medicine cares about us and our patients.

The key benefits of the modmed Dermatology suite include:

  • Dermatology suite of solutions streamlines workflow
  • Seamless all-in-one dermatology EHR and dermatology Practice Management systems automate processes and save time
  • Revenue Cycle Management improves financial visibility and outcomes which is more than just a dermatology billing service for dermatologists
  • Reliable team of specialty experts aids in practice success
Kelly Tepedino, MD

Kelly Tepedino, MD

Dermatologist at North Florida Dermatology